7 stories to read this weekend

Why it sucks to be a retail worker, the Target failure and Candy-Crushed?: These are three of the top seven stories I recommend for this weekend’s reading.

More iPhone discounts point to new model coming soon

Target and Best Buy are joining Sprint in offering $20 to $50 discounts on iPhones with two-year contracts. Sales on current and older devices is yet another sign pointing to new models being around the corner. Apple is reportedly matching some of these discounts.

Apple sued over iPad cover

A Colorado man says Apple’s smart cover for the new iPad and the iPad 2 violate his 2005 patent for a “Portable Computer Case.”

Sugar Inc’s female content empire: example or outlier?

Websites for women are a paradox in the media industry. Despite being among the most successful properties on the Web, they are rarely mentioned in the never-ending discussions about how to make money from online content.

Sugar Inc. is a case in point.

Target starts selling Roku boxes

Roku just announced a significant new retail parter: Target will sell the company’s media streaming boxes in its stores nationwide. The partnership follows similar deals with Best Buy and Walmart, and could help Roku sell three million boxes by the end of the year.

Target to Sell iPads Starting October

Target will become the neighborhood electronic store with the addition of six models of the Apple iPad in stores. The models will start at $499 and will be joining the Kindle at the nation’s second largest discount chain. Target shoppers can get them at a discount.

Facebook Credits Are Coming to a Target Near You

Facebook’s virtual currency is making its way into the real world, in a deal announced today with Target. The retail chain will become the first brick-and-mortar retailer to carry Facebook Credits, which will be available via gift cards at the company’s 1,750 outlets starting Sept. 5.

DemandTec Explains How It Keeps Big Data on Target

DemandTec, a retail forecasting software provider, has convinced Target Corp. to hand over even more of its shopping data in order to better set prices and forecast demand. But DemandTec has needs of its own — partners that can help it filter unstructured social data.

Kindle Coming to Target: Are Consumers Ready?

Retail giant Target will be selling the Amazon Kindle in stores soon. The Kindle will initially be available in Minneapolis and stores in Florida, to be followed with more Target outlets selling the Kindle. The restricted roll-out may be a test to gauge interest.

Are Mobile Coupons Finally Ready for Prime Time?

New figures from indicate smartphone owners are more receptive to mobile coupons than to other types of pitches on their phones. The report comes on the heels of a new campaign from Target to deliver scannable discounts directly to consumers’ phones.