4 reasons the tablet market is far from dead

Just four years in and already some are saying the tablet market has peaked. It’s easy to draw that conclusion if you look at slowing and seasonal sales numbers but there are several reasons it’s too soon to dismiss the potential of tablets.

Smart Dock turns Galaxy Note 2 into an Android computer

Could a smartphone be your primary computing device? With this $99 Samsung Smart Dock for the Galaxy Note 2, it’s possible. The dock supports 3 USB accessories — think keyboard, mouse and storage — and includes HDMI out for 1080p video on a monitor or HDTV.

Reported Google Nexus 10 tablet specs, pics leak early

Google’s Android event next week may not hold many surprises. We’ve already heard about the Nexus 4 smartphone from LG coming and now there are reported images and specifications on Samsung-built Nexus 10 tablet: a super high-resolution 10-inch Nexus with Samsung’s fast new chip.

China gets the new iPad on July 20

Apple is set to sell its latest iPad in China, just weeks after resolving a trademark dispute with Proview over the name of the iPad. The Retina display iPad goes on sale Friday, July 20.

New video: See the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in action

What a week for Samsung: First, Amazon lists its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as available for pre-order, and now a video surfaces that shows it in action for a whole whopping five minutes. The only way to top this might just be releasing it already.

Where in the U.S. is the new iPad? Rich, coastal states

Online advertising network Chitika has tracked where new iPads are being activated and has surfaced some interesting demographic data as to where these early third-generation iPad adopters live within in Apple’s largest market, the U.S. The short answer is: mostly coastal states.

Apple: 3 million iPads sold this weekend

Since the first iPads went on sale Friday morning, 3 million tablets have been sold, according to Apple. That’s the same number of iPads Apple sold in the first 80 days after the original iPad went on sale in 2010.

Android fragmentation not so bad says Localytics

Android fragmentation is less of a challenge than it was two years ago, and developers shouldn’t be as concerned about it says Localytics. Data from both Localytics, and even Google, show this to be true. And Android 4.0 is a chance for a “fresh start.”

Razr boosts Moto’s sales, but triggers no revival

Motorola Mobility said its newly re-envisioned Razr led the way to increases in total device shipments and revenue in the fourth quarter, but considering Moto’s vastly reduced market share, those increases didn’t lead to much. It shipped 5.3 million smartphones and a paltry 200,000 tablets.

Platform Wars: Internet Video Vs. TV

There’s battle lines being drawn. Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong. Young people speaking their minds, Getting so much resistance from be…

RIM suffers as it waits for a turnaround

Research in Motion struggled through a tough quarter — with revenue, profits and shipments down as it waited for a new generation of handsets to kickstart sales. The newest BlackBerry 7 devices are selling well, but the real turnaround will hinge on QNX-based devices out next year.

Mobile Internet user to eclipse wireline users by 2015

It’s going to be a mobile Internet world and we’ll just live in it. That’s the conclusion of IDC,which is forecasting that mobile Internet users will grow by an annual compound growth rate of 16.6 percent through 2015, when they will pass wireline PC users.

We Love Us Some Mobile Internet In The UK

Numbers out this morning from the Office of National Statistics in the UK give us the most up-to-date picture yet of the growing role mobile…

The Latest iPad-Only Magazine

Here’s a good example of putting your money where your mouth is: TabTimes, a new magazine about tablet news and put out by tech vets that ca…

Tablet Penetration Only 5 Percent, But Growth Is Promising

Nielsen said tablet penetration is just under five percent after about one year on the market. While still small as a category, the big growth of slates along with a recent spike in the penetration of e-readers, suggests a bright future for tablets.

MobileTechRoundup Podcast 239

Join Matt and Kevin for this week’s live podcast, where you can participate in the chat room. This week: hands-on impressions of the G2x, Acer’s newest Honeycomb tablet, the Droid Incredible 2 and the Infuse 4G. Plus: what to expect from Google’s big event next week!

The April Fools of iPad Predictions

While Apple announcing Flash for iOS or a 7-inch iPad might make for humorous copy on April Fools’ Day, truth can be just as entertaining. Here’s a look at some of the more off-the-mark statements made recently about Apple’s ongoing tablet success.

Report: Tablet Market Is Apple’s Until 2013

Research firm DisplaySearch predicts that Apple will continue to control the tablet market until 2013, and the tablet segment will continue to see rapid growth overall. But might Apple’s dominance in this space be of an even longer-lasting variety?

Developers Confirm: This Is The Year Of The Tablet

Developers apparently were tuned into the tablet parade at CES and are making bets on the armada of Android tablets, the iPad and the BlackBerry PlayBook. This is the gist of the most recent Q1 2011 Appcelerator developer survey, which polled developers right after CES.

Oh Its Fast! China’s Broadband Growth, That Is

China’s Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released stats Monday showing that the nation of 1.3 billion now has 457 million broadband users, more than the U.S., Mexico and Canada combined. The growth of China’s web is both a challenge and an opportunity for tech entrepreneurs.

Guess What Could Stop the Tablet Revolution?

With 2011 shaping up to be the Year of the Tablet, securing the display components behind the looming army of tablets may be a key factor in determining success in this emerging competition as possible shortages loom for panel components.

Galaxy Tab Rises to the iPad Challenge With 1 Million Sold

Though some have derided the Galaxy Tab as a big phone with an OS that needs maturing, it hasn’t stopped Samsung from selling 1 million units in its first two months. Samsung announced this just 12 days after it reported selling 600,000 units of the tablet.

RIM Picks up TAT to Push PlayBook Design

Research in Motion still has a few months before it launches PlayBook, but the company showed it’s prepared to compete, with the announcement today that it has bought Swedish design firm The Astonishing Tribe, a respected team respected for its take on mobile screens.

Could Apple Sell 48 Million iPads?

One analyst this week that Apple will ship between 45 and 48 million iPads in 2011. That’s a number that would a require some extraordinary shifts and macro-events in order to happen, and Apple needs much more than just the next-generation device to meet that figure.

Why Apple Should Consider a Seven-inch iPad

Research In Motion, Samsung and Viewsonic are a few of the manufacturers looking to make a splash with seven-inch tablets. Apple has, in the past, eschewed the idea of a smaller version of its iPad, but here’s why the Cupertino gang should consider making one.

Can Anyone Really Compete With the iPad?

A few months ago, it seemed there still was plenty of room in the tablet market despite the runaway success of the iPad. But no real threat has yet come to market, and potential competitors are stumbling with delays, less attractive offerings, and sky-high price tags.

Mobile Tech Manor #103: Keyboard Envy

Mobile Tech Manor is my home office where all sorts of gadgetry is always arriving. In this column, I look back at the week in the Manor and recount the happenings and lessons learned. I love sharing my weeks with you, so welcome to the Manor.

Apple Hasn't Sewn Up the Tablet Market Yet

The iPad may lead the tablet market by leaps and bounds right now, but Apple’s device isn’t without its shortcomings. Which means the door is still open for vendors who can build a better — or less expensive — mousetrap.

Verizon Could Take TV Wireless With New Tablet

A new tablet device being developed by Verizon and Motorola could allow the telco to sign up new customers for video services offered through its wireless network. It could also be a hook to get new customers on its LTE network when it becomes available.

Is Android Ready for Samsung’s New Tablet?

Samsung will introduce a slate device running Google’s Android operating system this quarter, but a few key challenges could hold back the 7-inch tablet from widespread success. The hardware might be ready, but the software isn’t for at least two reasons. Samsung might want to wait.

iPad to Kick-start an $8B+ Tablet App Market: Report

With a significant number of the 150,000 apps in Apple’s App Store set to be available on the iPad from day one, the market for paid tablet apps alone is expected to top $8 billion within just five years.

5 Things I Like and Dislike About the Viliv S10 Blade

The Viliv S10 Blade is a 10-inch convertible notebook with a multitouch screen. It is thin and light and overall a nice device. Mobile devices are very personal by nature, and there are always things I like and dislike with them. Here’s the list of them.

When the Right Gadget Makes a Difference

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The Apple iPad — What You Need to Know

Did you miss Apple’s big introduction of the iPad? Here’s the nuts and bolts of what the device is all about — from hardware specifications to software details to pricing for Apple’s latest creation.

Why I Need the Tablet

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