Tab welcomes

TAB Welcomes: Andy Boothe

I’m a programmer who decided somewhere along the way that he could write words as well as code. I’ve determined that English isn’t so different from C or Java. English uses words; code uses bits. There’s more of each in the other than you think.

TAB Welcomes: Wayne Bishop

Well, where do I begin? First of all, it’s great to become a contributing member of TheAppleBlog. I’ve been a TAB fan for quite some time so it feels pretty surreal to be part of the team.

TAB Welcomes: Adam Jackson

I was a PC for the longest time. In the late 90s Apple caught my attention as Macs were all we had in grade school. After spending an hour on Mac OS X 10.1, I was hooked and decided it was time to switch to Mac.

TAB Welcomes: Geoffrey L. Goetz

At home, I fancy myself an amateur photographer with a decent array of prosumer Canon products. I take on average 25K photos annually and spend a good amount of time organizing, printing and getting creative with the image library I have managed to create.

TAB Welcomes: Alex Layne

My first Apple device was an iPod Nano, second-gen, and using it was a revelation; the simplicity of the click-wheel and the solid industrial design wowed me. My second Apple device was an iPod touch, also a second-gen and also a revelation; interacting with a touchscreen was completely new to me, and iPhone OS was a dream to use.

TAB Welcomes: Patrick Hunt

Urban Dictionary defines “red-headed step-child” as one who, unlike a stepchild who looks like their step parent, is likely to be singled…

TAB Welcomes: Peter Venero

G’day fellow Apple Enthusiasts! I’m Peter Venero writing from the land down under! Just to be clear, I’m not actually Australian —…

TAB Welcomes: Bryan Schuetz

Well, it looks like I’m next up to bat as another new writer here at TheAppleBlog. There are a couple things you…

TAB Welcomes: Mark Crump

Boy, there have been a lot of these introductions going around, eh? You’d think there was a hiring surge or something. My…

TAB Welcomes: David Koff

Since it’s not common for a comedian to join the ranks of a tech blog, I’m very excited to introduce myself as…

TAB Welcomes: Chris Ryan

Hey, everybody! I’d like to introduce myself as another blogger to join the talented team at TheAppleBlog. So here’s the quick rundown…