Why Dropbox’s 25 Million Users Are Just the Start

Dropbox, the cloud file-sharing and back-up tool, is on a tear with 25 million users using the system and 200 million files saved each day, according to new data from the company. Next up, it sees more integration with apps, services, TVs, cars and cameras.

Ford’s AppLink Syncs Smartphone Apps and Developer Profits

Nearly a year after introducing it, Ford launched AppLink, software that links a smartphone with an automobile. Drivers can control smartphone apps through the SYNC voice command system, which could mean a value-add proposition to developers that use Ford’s APIs in their mobile applications.

Getting Mac and Android to Play Nicely

I recently switched from my iPhone to an Android device. I was happy with it, but syncing Mac and phone provided some obstacles. So I set out to find a way to replicate the iOS/Mac sync experience for media, contacts and calendars.

Conundrum: Syncing Personal Media From Multiple Sources

Whether you like to show off your media on your mobile iDevice, or at home on the computer or high-def TV, the same conundrum can occur: how do you store and organize all this great stuff so it’s easily accessible in one place all the time?

Is Jailbreaking Still Worth It?

While we’re patiently waiting for our friends over at the iPhone Dev-Team to finish up the new jailbreak for iPhone 4, I thought It might be fun to have a look at some of the cool apps available for those willing to crack open their magical devices.

Ford's SYNC Platform Gets A Bigger Voice

MyFord Touch, the latest generation of SYNC, raises the number of voice commands from 100 to 10,000 first-level commands. How did Ford increase the platform’s vocabulary a hundred-fold? The use of aliases, which allow for a more conversational experience, play a big factor in the solution.

Quick Tip: Send PDFs to iTunes for iBooks Syncing

Getting PDFs into iTunes to sync them with iBooks on your device can be a bit of a chore. But by using the method below, you can send any document or even web page straight to the Books section of iTunes for syncing with ease.

Quick Tip: Keep Your Bookmarks in Sync

If you use multiple Macs then there’s probably been at least one time in your computing life when you’ve wished you could keep your Internet bookmarks synced between them. Other than MobileMe, the best way to do this is using Xmarks.

Apple Rejects Wi-Fi Syncing App

Apple has rejected an application which promised to bring wireless synchronization to the iPhone. Following the applications submission to Apple, sadly but by no means surprisingly, the application was rejected. Greg detailed that an Apple representative explained the reasoning behind the applications rejection over the phone.

What I Want To See In The Next iPhone OS

The last major update to the iPhone’s operating system arrived last June, bringing with it many desired features. Highlights from the 3.0 update included the long awaited copy and paste, in addition to features such as spotlight search and voice control. But what can we expect from tomorrow’s 4.0 unveiling?

Ford Adding Wi-Fi to SYNC

Ford is looking to turn cars into rolling hotspots by adding Wi-Fi to its SYNC offering in some of its cars. The move could open help generate revenues from carriers, but it also could help Ford become a distributor of on-board apps.

Mozilla Weaves Services

I had reported on Mozilla jumping into “online services” earlier this month. Today, they quietly announced a new project called Weave, that…