App for turning iPhone pics into cash adds 10% commission

iPhones with 5- and 8-megapixel cameras are turning a lot of people into better and more prolific photographers. The Swedish company behind Foap, which lets anyone sell iPhone pictures through their app, has changed its quality standards and is offering a better incentive for users.

TeliaSonera cuts 2,000 jobs as mobile market stagnates

TeliaSonera’s revenues and subscriber base aren’t budging, but the Nordic carrier claims its costs are skyrocketing. In an effort to realign its business with new mobile data realities, the carrier said it will lay off 7 percent of its workforce over two years.

Facebook has 220 billion of your photos to put on ice

Facebook users love sharing photos, and the demands of that appetite are gargantuan. Infrastructure engineering VP Jay Parikh lifted the lid on Facebook’s seven-petabytes-per-month photo upload task, during GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference.

Anyfi raises $1.5M to build virtual hotspot networks

Sweden’s Anyfi wants to turn any Wi-Fi access point into a virtual extension of mobile networks. By breaking the bond between physical radio and the Wi-Fi network, the startup will make it easier for carriers to build expansive hybrid Wi-Fi grids to offload their data traffic.

iZettle says it’s ‘confused’ by Visa blockade

Europe’s equivalent of Square has been going gangbusters in recent months, but after falling foul of Visa Europe, the company can no longer accept Visa cards in Denmark, Norway and Finland. What nobody is prepared to say is precisely why it’s happening now.

Huawei knocks off Ericsson as world’s biggest telecom vendor

Huawei reported 2012 half-year revenues today that make it the largest telecom infrastructure maker in the world — a title formerly belonging to Ericsson. The two, however, are neck and neck and a new contract or fluctuation in currency could see the two changing places once again.

Sweden’s Anyfi turns any Wi-Fi network into a small cell

Anyfi has developed a tunneling technology that allows ordinary access points and residential gateways to spawn virtual Wi-Fi networks anyone can log into. The Swedish startup is betting this is the answer operators are looking for to build huge ubiquitous Wi-Fi offload networks.

Wanna get paid $5 for iPhone photos? Foap makes it easy

Foap is a Swedish company started by travel industry veterans disappointed in the availability of stock photo art. Their elegant and easy app lets anyone upload and sell iPhone photos. It also lets stock art shoppers request specific photos through a concept called “missions.”

The Pirate Bay co-founders file appeal with EU court

The Pirate Bay’s co-founders Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij mounted a last-ditch effort to overturn a prison sentence against them Wednesday, appealing to the European Court of Human Rights. The step comes after the duo exhausted all legal remedies within Sweden.

Groupon shareholder Kinnevik heads for the door

Swedish investment group Kinnevik has cut its ties with Groupon, selling up its remaining stake in the daily deals company for $81.5 million — a shareholding that was valued at almost $200 million when the company went public in November.

How big data predicted Eurovision — and offended Malta

When a data scientist crunched enough numbers to predict that Sweden would win this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest, he felt fairly confident. But he didn’t expect that the biggest noise would be the inaccurate prediction that Malta would do well — something he’s now apologized for.

How Germany’s Pirate Party is hacking politics

Founded on an agenda of copyfighting and radical transparency, Pirate parties are making political ground across Europe. Now its possible that the German offshoot could become the third party in the nation’s politics. So what do the pirates really want?

Interview: Ericsson CEO on the rise of the HetNet

The heterogeneous network, or HetNet, will turn today’s big-tower cellular systems into dense, multi-layered and tremendously high capacity networks. Given the complexity of such systems, it’s easy to imagine HetNet as a technology of the future, but Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg says you would be wrong.

Exclusive: Wrapp CEO goes toe to toe with Samwer bros.

Social gifts startup Wrapp says it is massively speeding up its expansion plans as a direct response to a copycat funded by the notorious German Samwer brothers — and the company’s CEO is warning retailers that doing business with the clone could prove costly.

iZettle launches across Nordics — next stop U.K.

Despite being known as Europe’s answer to Square, the payments service iZettle has only officially been available in Sweden since launching last year. Now that’s changing, with news of a rollout across Norway, Denmark and Finland, and the first step toward a British service too.

Samwers clone Wrapp: Have they gone too far this time?

Europe’s most notorious cloners have built their reputation by copying big American companies. But now they appear to be readying a new rival to small Swedish startup Wrapp — a change of tactics that has ‘surprised’ Wrapp CEO Hjalmar Winbladh.

It’s playtime: Toca Boca heads for America

Swedish iOS studio Toca Boca has become a hit with parents and kids around the world, thanks to its smart suite of simple, open games. Now it plans to open a U.S. office and target the American market in 2012.

When it comes to 3G, Sweden’s got itself covered.

The land of Ericsson, Volvo and Kurt Wallander has a new feather in its cap — it is now the country where 99.6% of the country’s population has access to 3G wireless broadband coverage, according to a report by the Swedish Post & Telecom Agency (PTS.)

Sweden’s 13th Lab brings augmented reality to Apple iPad

Swedish company 13th Lab, a Stockholm-based startup has been working on its own augmented-reality-like system for the iPad that uses a complex computer vision technique employed by NASA. 13th Lab is looking to turn the technology into a platform that developers can use for AR.

It’s Time For European Startups To Come Good

Sweden and Finland have long been among the world’s most wired nations — but yet Europe’s substantial lead in networking has never quite translated over into a world-leading startup economy. Perhaps now, however, the circumstances are right to see it happen.

WikiLeaks’ Assange Granted Bail

A British court today granted bail with strict conditions to Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks website, who faces allegations of…

WikiLeaks Gets a Helping Hand From Swedish Pirates

Secrecy-busting organization WikiLeaks has gotten an offer of help from Sweden’s Pirate Party. The political party will provide server space where WikiLeaks can host files such as the 90,000 U.S. military documents it released recently. The party also hosts files for file-sharing website The Pirate Bay.

Sweden: A Model for the Broadband Future?

Sweden’s telecommunications regulatory agency took a look at innovation and openness on broadband networks and found that the government should have a role in providing fiber — and that the country needs more spectrum.

Sweden Racing to an LTE Future

Sweden is fast becoming the epicenter of the LTE universe, with three of the country’s four major wireless carriers — Tele2, Telenor…

Pirate Bay Launches

There’s audacious, and then there’s The Pirate Bay. As it awaits the result of a landmark copyright case, the infamous Swedish BitTorrent t…

Aegis Buys Finnish Digital Agency White Sheep

UK media buying firm Aegis Group has acquired Finland’s White Sheep, a provider of web development and digital creative production services.…