Super bowl

Urban Airship prepares for its Super Bowl moment

Urban Airship is investing big in its infrastructure, scaling its push messaging platform to deliver 100,000 messages a second. As Airship begins to refine push marketing to take into account location, time and context, it’s becoming critical it deliver notifications in volume and in real time.

Forget the People’s Choice Awards, we’ve got Twitter

Who needs an awards show to tell us which movies and actors fans prefer when we have Twitter? IBM is turning its skills in social-media sentiment analysis to Hollywood awards so the world can see which movies and stars are generating the most buzz on Twitter.

Super Bowl 46 mobility by the numbers

On average, 100 million people watch the Super Bowl. With connected devices everywhere, we’ll be tweeting about it and sharing thoughts on social networks. So will fans at the game. Here are some staggering numbers showing how Super Bowl 46 is ready for such mobility.

Where to watch the 2012 Super Bowl live online

Want to watch the XLVI Super Bowl online or on your iPhone or Android handset? Or maybe you want to just check out the ads without watching the entire game? Either way, our list of 2012 Super Bowl links and resources has you covered.

Why Super Bowl 46 will have super connectivity

Super Bowl 46 is around the corner, and Verizon is taking huge steps to ensure the mobile broadband flows as fast the beer at Lucas Oil Stadium. Here’s a video look at the effort, which includes a 600 antenna Wi-Fi system for up to 28,000 people.

Why the Super Bowl is finally ready to come online

When it comes to live events, fewer are bigger than the Super Bowl on TV. But what about online? The Super Bowl, along with the Pro Bowl and other postseason games, will be live streamed for the first time, thanks to the NFL and NBC.

Super Bowl XLV: What Groupon Was Thinking

Groupon is trying to placate Super Bowl watchers who were put off by its ads that seemingly mocked causes like human rights in Tibet and eff…

How Twitter Won the Super Bowl

The Packers may have prevailed over the Steelers, but the real winner of the Super Bowl XLV was Twitter: Users of the service sent out more than three million tweets related to the game on Sunday and helped to generate record TV viewing audiences for Fox.

Super Bowl XLV Ads: Winners & Losers

Who were the big winners in Super Bowl XLV’s ad blitz? Volkswagen, Doritos and Snickers connected with fans through their 30-second spots during the big game. Meanwhile, ads for tech companies like Salesforce, Groupon and Living Social fell flat.

Where to Watch Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl Sunday is here, and even if you don’t care about the game, you’re probably interested in the ads — and you don’t even need to watch the game in order to watch the most popular ads of the day, thanks to both YouTube and Hulu.

Yap.TV Wants To Be Your Super Bowl Chat Room

Yap.TV is betting the Super Bowl will provide a reason for users to log in and use its social TV app to communicate with other football fans, with an update that improves its focus on real-time chat between users.

All The Super Bowl 2010 Ads

Courtesy Hulu. Lotsa digital this year, including from Google (NSDQ: GOOG), Motorola (NYSE: MOT),, HomeAway, GoDaddy, FloTV (all…