A new big solar panel farm in the works in California

California utility PG&E continues to sign contracts to buy solar power from solar panel projects in California deserts. On Friday SunPower announced that it will build a 100 MW solar panel farm in Kings County, Calif., which will be enough power for 36,000 homes.

SunPower looks to solar leases as a bright spot

SunPower, which makes solar panels and develops power generation projects, has seen quick growth of its residential solar lease program since its launch last year. The surge reflects the growing popularity of solar leases in California and elsewhere.

SunPower Reports Blockbuster 2010 Year & Q4 Earnings

Solar bellwether SunPower reported a blockbuster fourth quarter and fiscal year 2010 earnings on Thursday, representing an upswing in both the solar industry and the economy. SunPower said for 2010, it expanded its global utility and power plant pipeline to more than 5 GW.

SunPower Scores Sunny Earnings

Who says solar is having a tough year — solar bell weather SunPower announced sunny third quarter earnings today, with boosted revenues and profits beating analysts expectations.

Ice + Sun: A Clean Power, Energy Storage Combo

Here’s a yin and yang combo: power a building with the sun and store the energy overnight with ice. Solar panel maker Sunpower and Ice Energy announced on Thursday that they’ve teamed up to build a pilot project combining their technologies.

Greentech Earnings Roundup: SunPower, Cree, A123, LDK

Happy greentech earnings day! Some major bellweathers of emerging green industries — including solar maker SunPower, LED company Cree, lithium ion battery firm A123 Systems, and solar wafer maker LDK — announced earnings today. Here’s are some important bits you should note.

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