Solar software hackathon to kick off this weekend

There’s been a series of Cleanweb Hackathons in recent months, where developers spend a weekend building web and mobile apps out of energy, water and sustainability data. But here’s a new one with a twist: a solar-focused Cleanweb Hackathon, coordinated by solar web startup Sungevity.

10 things I want from cleantech in 2012

Let’s face it. For cleantech, at least in the U.S., this year was kindof a bummer. But that’s what New Year’s resolutions and wishes are for: turning a new page when the year starts over. Here’s what I want from cleantech in 2012.

Sungevity brings residential solar overseas

Sungevity, a venture-backed residential solar service provider, is heading overseas. The company announced Thursday that it’s made an equity investment in a new Dutch company and will license its software and provide engineering services to the startup.

Google invests $75M into Clean Power Finance solar fund

Google is investing millions of dollars into its second fund that will go toward installing solar panels on rooftops. On Tuesday Rick Needham, Google’s Director of Green Business Operations, announced that Google will invest $75 million into a solar fund for startup Clean Power Finance

Solmentum: Solar Meets Data Mining

Persuading consumers to pay for solar is a tough challenge. A solar electric system commands the cost of a new car but, unlike a car, it isn’t necessary. Solmentum, a more recent entrant, says it’s found a more efficient approach to reeling in customers.

What Solar VCs Want

A few years ago, solar-loving venture capitalists were excited to talk about solar cell and panel makers with novel manufacturing processes that could make them industry giants. Today, they want to talk about software, services and materials that don’t require hefty capital investments.

The Solar Social Network: Evangelists Required

Will solar panels generate buzz like a Tesla Roadster or boredom like an efficient water heater? Solar service providers are hoping for a Tesla response, and are increasingly turning to social media tactics in an attempt to create engaged communities around the sunny clean power.

Battle of the Brands

It was only a matter of time before the brand wars broke out between mobile carriers and handset makers. Vodafone wants its…

My Name is, My Name is….

Not Eminem but Napster. Roxio, in a classic move of a company without direction sold its money making software business to Sonic…