How tech has helped me be a better dad

It’s Father’s Day weekend, and some of you fellow dads out there might want to spend the time shopping for new gadgets. I say: Go ahead! Technology has helped me to be a better dad, and it can do the same for you.

The Cloud Could Become Most of Your Phone’s Storage

With flash storage subject to production issues and relatively high costs compared to other mobile device components, maybe it’s time to revisit the idea of broadband enabling near-limitless virtual storage. We’re not there just yet, but we’re getting closer due to smarter apps and improved connectivity.

Weekend Project: Streaming iTunes From Cloud to Phone

I’m tired of waiting for Apple to deliver a cloud-based iTunes streaming solution. In this weekend project, I’ll show you three cloud services that let me “carry” as much music as I want on my connected phone to enjoy when and where I want.

How To Use Remote Docs on iPad With SugarSync

The iPad is integrating into my work so far, but it lacks a file system, and that does present a challenge for building a fully productive environment. I am getting around that shortcoming using a tool I recently implemented for file-sharing among multiple computers.

Getting Started With SugarSync

Last week I detailed my foray into the world of cloud backup and syncing to multiple devices. The gist was that Dropbox didn’t work quite the way I wanted, and a number of you smart folks suggested I look at SugarSync. Thank you for the suggestion.

SugarSync Adds Email Attachment Uploads, 500 GB Plan

As a long time SugarSync user, it’s nice to see new features added. The latest one offers an easy “Upload by Email” feature to get file attachments to your account and to all of your devices. A new, larger plan is available as of today, too.

SugarSync Rolls Out Android App, Cloud API

SugarSync has long been recognized as one of the easiest-to-use synchronization and backup utilities around. Today it rolled out a SugarSync Cloud API for Android developers, as well as a new Android application for local-to-cloud syncing.

SugarSync Sweetens Its Social Offerings

SugarSync, the web service that backs up and synchronizes files across multiple computers and mobile phones, is rolling out a feature today…

How To Stand Out in a Sea of Storage Startups

Online storage companies pop up more frequently than mushrooms after a downpour in Southern France. And like the wild-growing fungus, not all of them are easily digested. Case in point: AOL’s Xdrive, which despite corporate backing recently joined the likes of Omnidrive on the proverbial technology garbage dump. So how does one survive in this sea of startups? Continue Reading & Find Out.