StumbleUpon gets a makeover: New design, new logo, new features

StumbleUpon has undergone a major makeover. On Tuesday the company will unveil a totally redesigned website, a complete rebrand, and a new “channels” feature. It’s the most comprehensive redesign the company’s ever undertaken, CEO Garrett Camp said: “Finally, our front-end is as good as our back-end.”

StumbleUpon shutting down photo blogs, themes, groups Oct. 24

Social discovery platform StumbleUpon says it’s cutting back on the ability of users to blog and customize their profiles on the site. That includes shutting down groups, photo blogging, and the ability to select themes, which are all going away as of Oct. 24.

StumbleUpon Stumbles Upon a Better Ad Model: Paid Discovery

Fresh off a new round of funding, StumbleUpon has launched a new advertising platform that lets advertisers serve up pages through its targeted discovery platform. The paid discovery platform adds a new tiered pricing system and improved analytics for pages served on PCs and mobile devices.

StumbleUpon Takes Aim at Android App Discovery

StumbleUpon is about to take its web recommendation savvy and apply it to mobile apps for the first time. The service, which builds personal recommendations for users who want to find web content, is now launching an app discovery feature for Android apps.

StumbleUpon Wants to Be the Pandora of Web Video

StumbleUpon is making a big push behind web video in an attempt to become the best way for users to find relevant videos online. With more full-length content available through StumbleUpon Video, it could do just that, by becoming a recommendation engine for online video.

For StumbleUpon, 10 Million Reasons to Party

StumbleUpon, the early web discovery engine, has reached a new milestone: 10 million Stumblers, all of whom have helped create a great little company building a structured database for the relevant web, something that Facebook is now trying to do with its Like button.

eBay Sheds StumbleUpon; Skype Next?

Two years after purchasing web-page rating tool StumbleUpon for $75 million, eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) is handing the company back to its founders a…

StumbleUpon Adds Six Video Hosts

The serendipity enablers at StumbleUpon said today they’ve added support for CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Veoh and videos for…

StumbleUpon Gets into Search

StumbleUpon, the social Web service, is doing something pretty cool. No, it’s not going to earn back the $75 million eBay (EBAY)…