HP snags Clorox CIO as its own

HP’s Enterprise unit gets a new CIO in industry vet Ralph Loura who previously led IT efforts at The Clorox Company, Medicis, and Symbol Technologies.

Cloud Print: transforming digital Data as a Service

Cloud print, which lets companies create digital “print” jobs from their desktops and tap into a web of connected print facilities, can save resources, money and time. And preserve the value of hard copy print for select applications, writes Peecho founder Sander Nagtegaal.

Big Data

Big data is a bit of a nebulous term, describing huge amounts of structured and unstructured information from myriad sources which eats…

Structure 2012

The 5th annual Structure conference brings together the leaders innovating, shaping and defining the ongoing evolution in the technology industry – cloud…

GarantiaData and the lure of infinite scalability

Many popular sites use memcached and/or Redis as part of their back-end infrastructure. Both technologies are popular ways to store data that needs to be easily accessible, and both require compromises. GarantiaData, a Tel Aviv-based startup wants to eliminate some of those compromises.

Meet Launchpad winner Keen: Big data for little devices

The thinking behind is pretty simple: No one should have to build their own analytics infrastructure, especially not mobile developers. So Keen built an analytics infrastructure for them — well enough to win over the judges at GigaOM’s Structure Launchpad competition on Wednesday.

When it comes to big data, don’t forget about video

The term “big data” might conjure images of spreadsheets and numbers, but Rebecca Jacoby, CIO and SVP of Cisco(s csco), told audience members at GigaOM’s Structure conference not to forget about one important type of that data — video.

Where in the world is my data center?

Data center operators are looking to differentiate themselves on efficiency and geography, says Kevin Timmons, the CTO of co-location data center operator CyrusOne, at GigaOM’s Structure event on Thursday.

Structure 2012 live coverage

It’s clear the cloud has arrived: but what impact will it continue to make on tech companies that help businesses across the world continue to reap the benefits of this historic shift? Today and tomorrow at Structure 2012, we’ll host a discussion about these vital issues,

Did webscale computing force Intel’s Cray buy?

Intel paid $140 million to buy the interconnect business of Cray, the original manufacturer of supercomputers. From here it looks like there’s little left of Cray moving forward, but the interesting bit about this deal is how it could define the next generation of servers.

Structure 2011

After years of debating what cloud computing really is, we’re finally starting to get a clearer picture. At GigaOM’s annual Structure conference,…

Data is the new platform, and social is the intelligence

The days of viewing everything in the cloud through an application lens is nearing its end. Instead, we are evolving into a world where quantity, processing speeds and distribution of data compel IT professional to see data as a platform in its own right.

AT&T says cloud & mobile made for each other

AT&T isn’t going after Amazon or Microsoft with its cloud computing offerings. But the company does see a natural intersection between the cloud and its business of infrastructure and managed service and mobility, said John Stankey, AT&T’s president and CEO of business solutions.

Amazon’s “state of the cloud” — it isn’t stacking up

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels declared stacks a thing of the past during his “state of the cloud” address at GigaOm’s Structure event in San Francisco. Vogels said that the cloud today is about building applications by bringing different services together.

Reducing Data Latency Leads to Faster Decisions

Estimates say that 90 percent of all data was created in the last two years alone. That staggering figure can lead to analysis paralysis for some organizations, but those that can sift through, analyze and take action on information faster than others will enjoy competitive advantages.

Can HP Actually Deliver on its Grand Cloud Vision?

Yesterday, HP CEO Leo Apotheker laid out his vision for the company’s cloud computing future, but given HP’s all-but-non-existent cloud strategy until this point, it’s difficult to believe the company can be a real competitor until it actually starts to deliver what Apotheker is promising.

Join GigaOM at Big Data on March 23 in New York City

From financial services to media, companies are collecting mountains of data. This glut of information is rapidly accelerating. How can companies get an edge on product innovation, sales, and market growth by implementing a Big Data strategy? Learn more…

Why CloudSwitch Is Gaining Momentum and Resisting VCs

CloudSwitch today released version 2.0 of CloudSwitch Enterprise, which should help in the company’s quest to become an integral part of customers’ environments. Our conversation focused on the company’s future plans and how it’s bucking the seeming trend toward grabbing as much venture capital as possible.

BurstPoint Launches for Enterprise Video Delivery

Video startup BurstPoint Networks is launching with a video delivery suite aimed at distributing high-definition video. The BurstPoint Video Communications Platform, being announced today, was launched as a way for enterprise customers to efficiently deliver video both behind the firewall and over the broader Internet.

Cisco’s ExtendMedia Purchase: TV Everywhere And Beyond

Cisco wants to by Massachusetts-based ExtendMedia to bolster its IP video delivery infrastructure. Why is a company that makes set-top boxes so interested in over-the-top video? Because the next generation of TV Everywhere services could bring us cable companies without the need for any cable boxes.

Structure 2010: Where Is Cloud Computing Headed?

The final panel of GigaOM’s Structure 2010 brought together five people who run a diverse groups of clouds — from Yahoo’s self-contained infrastructure that runs all its sites to The Planet, which offers cloud services for small businesses.

Structure 2010: Intel vs. the Homogeneous Cloud

Hey guys, we should really work together, was Intel’s message at Structure 2010 in San Francisco, where GM of high density computing Jason Waxman correctly identified himself as the elephant in the room (something at least one panelist had called Intel earlier in the conference).

Structure 2010: Facebook's Heiliger Warns of Punting on Scaling

If Facebook VP of technical operations Jonathan Heiliger were a superhero, his name would be “Scaler-man.” Today Facebook has some 500 million users, twice as many as last July. But even so, Heiliger says the company should have planned better for the challenges it faces now.

Structure 2010: IBM's Cloud Opportunity Is in Old Businesses

IBM isn’t looking very far to find opportunities in cloud computing. In its first year offering cloud services, the company has been helping existing businesses in health care and other industries move towards service models for their infrastructure and products.

Structure 2010 Live Stream

The GigaOM Network is at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco hosting our annual cloud computing-focused conference, Structure. Our live stream of the keynotes, panels and presentations starts at 8:30 a.m. So even if you weren’t able to make it to the show, enjoy!

The Green Gold Rush Over Iceland's Data Centers

There’s a gold rush mentality going on right now when it comes to building data centers in Iceland, according to execs of the companies that have been moving into that market. The latest person to reference this phrase to me is the CTO of Verne Global.

Intamac Gets £4M for Home Energy Cloud Computing

Intamac Systems has landed £4 million ($5.8 million) to build up its cloud computing-based system for managing home energy devices, and is looking to both utilities and telecoms to reach into homes. The new money will be used to add new products and services.

8 Reasons Why You Need to Attend Structure 2010

In two weeks, GigaOM’s flagship conference, Structure 2010, will return to San Francisco — for two full days. While you could stay in your office and read about cloud computing, here are eight reasons why you should attend Structure 2010 instead.

Why Your Next Printer Will Have an Email Address

Printing to a remote device from a handset or laptop can be a challenge if you can’t locate a web-connected printer. As is often the case, the simplest solution the best and HP thinks it has it — new printers with dedicated, simple email addresses.

At Structure 2010, We Look at Cloud Computing's Next 3 Years

Structure 2010, which will feature VMWare CEO Paul Maritz, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Akamai CEO Paul Sagan, and CA CTO Dr. Donald Ferguson, is focused on giving you insight into the next three years. Tickets are nearly sold out, so register today!

Get an Insider’s Knowledge of the Cloud at Structure 2010

Structure 2010, the GigaOM Network’s flagship conference devoted to delivering the best insights into the cloud computing industry, returns this year as a 2-day event. One of the core underlying themes will be to challenge the assumptions about the infrastructure on which to build a cloud.

Wanted: New Cloud Startups for Structure 2010's LaunchPad

Structure, GigaOM’s flagship conference, returns on June 23rd and 24th with deep insight into the cloud computing industry. Here are some reasons why you should submit your startup for the LaunchPad, where our selection of the 10 best startups or major product launches take the stage.

Structure 09 Live Stream

Today we are live-streaming Structure 09, our second annual conference devoted to all things cloud computing. As Om said in his opening…

Peaking Through the Clouds

Cloud infrastructure services are particularly good at supporting variable demand and peaks with unpredictable timing or amplitude. Peaks are a challenge for…

Introducing GigaOM Briefings

Yesterday, at our Structure08 conference we launched our newest effort, GigaOM Briefings. We launch with our first briefing on Cloud Computing, which…

CloudCamp San Francisco

On the eve of Structure 08 in San Francisco, the folks behind many of today’s cloud computing initiatives will be gathering at…

App Engine: Competition Is Good for Everyone

The launch of Google’s Application Engine is a watershed moment in the software development industry. The days of building and hosting your own servers, save for specialized applications, are officially over. Meanwhile, companies that offer similar services will be forced to take a hard look at what they offer and what they need to do to improve it.

Structure 08: Our Web Infrastructure Conference

Web businesses — From Google to Facebook to Hulu to MySpace, and everything in between — are seeing unprecedented growth, and the new web infrastructure buildout presents a huge opportunity, for both entrepreneurs and their backers. We will explore this buildout — the ideas, the technology and the money behind it all — at our Structure 08 conference on June 25.

Sometimes It's Just Semantics

The idea of the semantic web is both compelling and scary. And although the web will continue to become more useful over time, it won’t ever replace the benefits of human interactions.

How Not to End Up as an Anachronism

The move to SaaS applications built on SaaS is a much more profound shift than the move from on-premise applications to SaaS applications. It’s spawning a new software service economy — and it’s disrupting the software industry.