IAWTV Dumps Streamys for Its Own Awards Show

Looking forward to next year’s Streamy Awards? Well, whether or not they happen, the IAWTV won’t be involved. This morning, the organization announced that it would be creating its own awards show to honor achievement in the web video space “benefiting web content creators.”

Streamy Awards

Founded in 2009, the Streamy Awards seek to honor the best in web video content, but the poorly-received 2010 awards brought up…

The Streamy Awards: A Producer’s Apology And Its Three Fails

Tech Fail, Taste Fail and Attitude Fail led to this year’s Streamy Awards being poorly executed and poorly received. In the aftermath, executive producer Brady Brim-Deforest said that “Last night’s show really wasn’t in the spirit of how we wanted to recognize the nominees and winners.”