A Facebook phone: ambitious leap or fatal mistake?

There are reports the giant social network is taking another run at building a dedicated “Facebook phone.” But is this a clever strategic gamble on the future or an expensive bet that takes the company beyond its core competencies and is doomed to fail?

Federal ID Plan: No, It’s Not a Government ID Card

The Obama administration introduced its National Strategy on Trusted Identity in Cyberspace on Friday, and took pains to point out that this program will be led by the private sector, and isn’t some kind of Big Brother-ish, government-issued ID card everyone will be forced to use.

Yahoo Banking on Original Content — Again

Yahoo has been on a media hiring spree, snapping up journalists from existing traditional and online outlets to ramp up its original content efforts. But that sounds a lot like the strategy Yahoo pursued just a few years ago, and that didn’t turn out so well.

Austin's uShip Profits Off Slow Growth

Viral growth for a web startup is great — as is getting to 15 million users in a year — but it is possible to grow a profitable business slowly and see it ramp up after a few years, as I learned from uShip’s founder.

Game Review: Plants vs. Zombies

For the past two weeks, I’ve been completely engrossed in following Plants vs. Zombies. For those who haven’t heard, this isn’t about…

Roadmap to 'Getting Luck on Your Side'

Often we hear entrepreneurs say “I’d rather be lucky than smart.” Of course! That’d be easier! The truth is it’s not enough…