Gridstore gets $12.5M to scale out storage

New funding from GGV Capital and Onset Ventures will help Gridstore push its case that, with the right software, plain, old disk drives can scale out to do the heavy lifting for most web-scale applications.

Atlantis sucks the storage cost out of enterprise apps

Atlantis Computing thinks that storage is still too expensive and it wants to suck as much of that cost out of your IT infrastructure as possible. It started out attacking desktop virtualization and now sets its sights on storage-intensive server applications like Hadoop.

Amazon posts (what else?) huge S3 storage gains

Amazon’s popular S3 storage service shows no sign of slowing down. At the end of the first quarter, it was home to more than 905 billion objects, up from 762 billion for the previous quarter, according to the company’s Amazon Web Services blog.

The future beyond the cloud is in our hands

The rapid growth in storage and processing power will put a big strain on the capabilities of the cloud and our wireless networks. But Jeff Belk of ICT168 Capital believes that there is opportunity to be found if we look both forward and backward.

Is AWS Targeting Netflix With 5TB Objects?

Amazon Web Services has upped the maximum image size in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to 5TB from 5GB. Clearly, a 1,000X increase is significant and probably is driven by the new class of customers AWS is catering to with its Cluster Compute and GPU Instances.

Like Facebook, Data Robotics Dreams of an IPO

Data Robotics, maker of the Drobo line of data storage devices has quietly turned into a niche — but fast-growing — player in the storage industry, to the point that founder and CEO Dr. Geoff Barrall has started dreaming of an initial public offering.

NetEx Targets Data Transfer Tech to the Cloud

Earlier this week, Minneapolis-based software company NetEx released a cloud-specific version of its HyperIP solution. HyperIP represents technology originally designed for high-speed…