The Apple Roundup: The iPhone from an alternate universe

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss: a look at early iPhone and iPad prototypes, an Apple chip designer checks out, details on the AuthenTec deal, what a stock split would mean, and more Apple-Samsung legal squabbling.

iPhone vs burrito. Guess who wins?

Chipotle stock is up more than 470 percent over the past three years — a run that beats out even the impressive one Apple’s stock has been on. Despite that, hedge funds and stock analysts are picking the iPhone maker over the burrito maker far more often.

Apple shares close above $400

Apple investors rejoice: The company’s stock closed at an all-time high Tuesday. Shares of the iPhone and iPad maker hit $400 a few times Monday but closed at $398.50. Tuesday shares opened at the $400 mark and actually peaked in the morning at $404.48.

Facebook Valuation Rumors: Two Key Questions

This week, tech insiders and observers are abuzz with estimates of how much Facebook is really worth. What set off the latest round of chatter was a Sunday morning Wall Street Journal report that Facebook could have a valuation of $100 billion after an IPO.

Can Twitter Help You Predict the Stock Market?

If Twitter can help you figure out which movie to see, can it also help predict which stocks will rise or fall? A German PhD student says his analysis shows it can, and he has set up a website to put his theories to the test.

Someone Is Trading Stocks Based on Your Tweets

Stock traders and hedge funds can’t predict the future yet, but they are doing their best to come as close as possible, and that involves crunching every bit of data they can get their hands on — up to and including that tweet you just posted.

Apple Becomes Second Largest Stock by Market Value

In case you needed a reminder that Apple isn’t the scrappy little tech company that could anymore, yesterday its stock climbed to $292.76 on the Nasdaq, leading to a total market value of $267.5 billion, which made it the second-highest listed company behind Exxon Mobil.

Should Google Be Added to the Dow?

A provocative story from Reuters Monday ruminated on which companies are likely to replace Citigroup (s c) and General Motors (s gm) in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Its conclusion: Google and Cisco are the most likely contenders, with Apple and Visa as less likely candidates. It’s a safe bet that those two troubled companies — trading below $2 a share — will get the boot, but does Google belong in the Dow? I think it does for a few reasons.

Bashing Apple, Again

Debating Apple’s future is like chattering about Bennifer! Pointless and needless. But when Barbara Walters asks J-Lo, what next, it is worth…