Steven Chu

So this is what happened to the hydrogen highway

The dream of the “hydrogen highway” in recent years has morphed into a tech for industrial applications like to power forklifts and fleet vehicles. Pike Research estimates that there will only be 5,200 hydrogen fueling stations throughout the world by 2020.

Holiday Greentech Gift Alert: Steven Chu Tee!

O.K., so there’s been a whole lotta funding news today. Here’s something a bit lighter. This weekend at a holiday gift fair in San Francisco I bought an awesome t-shirt featuring rockstar Department of Energy’s Chief Steven. Actually I bought like three of them.

DOE Chief Chu Rocks, Seriously

A public official with a sense of humor is seriously refreshing. The DOE’s Chief Steven Chu sings praise for a particularly funny article in The Onion entitled, “Report: Global Warming Issue From 2 or 3 Years Ago May Still Be Problem,” on his official Facebook page.

Daily Sprout

DOE Dole Too Slow, Says Chu: Energy Secretary Steven Chu says he’s “turning up the heat” on stimulus programs in areas including…

Daily Sprout

Chu on OPEC: Energy Secretary Steven Chu said yesterday he was “pleased” that OPEC had decided against further cuts in oil production.…

Enomaly: An Open Source Cloud For the Enterprise

Enomaly is trying to sell big business on its open-source cloud management and provisioning software by renaming it and packaging it with enterprise-level support. The software, formerly known as Enomalism, will now use the Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform as its new moniker.