Steve Jobs

And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’ A long weekend piece by Wired contributing editor Fred Vogelstein in the New York Times chronicles the unveiling of the very first iPhone(s…

For Silicon Valley, a reason to remember Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs once said to follow your heart, do what you love and let the dots connect themselves. Today, on the first anniversary of his death, we can all try to do just that, especially here in Silicon Valley that seems to be afflicted by short-termism.

The Apple Roundup: Remembering Steve Jobs

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: Apple remembers its founder, how employees at Apple grapple with Jobs’ legacy, untold anecdotes about the man who invented Apple, and the future of the company without him.

Traversing the Valley

The Valley dismisses corporate America when it comes to technological innovation. Likewise, corporate America knows little about tech companies’ world class operations. Technology strategist Vinnie Mirchandani argues that both sides should wake up to the consumerization of enterprise tech and the enterprising of consumer tech.

The Webby Awards assemble all-star cast to honor Steve Jobs

In addition to honoring the best of the Web in 2012, Monday night’s Webby Awards included a tribute to Steve Jobs. The segment honoring Apple’s co-founder included appearances from President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, Buzz Aldrin, George Lucas, Vint Cerf and more. Here’s the video.

Can you learn to be as charismatic as Steve Jobs?

Charisma can make the world go round — it makes people want to do what you want them to do. In an excerpt from her book, “The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism,” Olivia Fox Cabane explores charisma’s power.

Steve Jobs & The Lost Years

Brent Schlender, a veteran journalist who wrote for Fortune and the Wall Street Journal found some interview tapes that shed new light on Steve Jobs’ life. The highlight of these tapes for me was Pixar and the role it played in shaping Jobs & Apple’s future.

Visualized: The tangled web of smartphone patents

Can’t keep track of who’s suing who in “The Game of Smartphones”? This image will help. And two key Steve Jobs quotes explain not only why the smartphone battle is moving to the courts, but why it’s happening right now and why this will get worse.

The joy of iPad

It is easy to get caught up in the drama around iPad sales, the death of the laptop or Apple’s tussle with Google’s Android. However, once I handed an iPad to my mom, and after her FaceTime-ing with her grandkids, none of the drama mattered.

Here’s Steve Jobs’ (rather mundane) FBI file

In 1991, when Steve Jobs was still at NeXT, the FBI opened a file on him. He was up for a presidential appointment, so the bureau was charged with clearing him via a thorough background check. The heavily redacted document is now online.

How Apple conceived the iPhone

Former iPhone marketing manager Bob Borchers tells students how Steve Jobs originally approached the iPhone team with the challenge of building the iPhone, a device that to date has sold 183 million units in less than five years.

Steve Jobs fans must see the Eames film

Having woken up at 2 am and unable to go to sleep, I ended up watching Eames: The Architect & The Painter, which just went online on It is must see TV for anyone who wants to learn how creatives thing and work. Highly recommended.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, founder, chairman, and twice CEO of Apple Inc., died on October 5, 2011, at age 56. He was a man…

7 stories to read this weekend

The past week was full of news, and I am pretty sure you are all caught up on it. However, it is time to sink your teeth into meatier writing, so here are a few stories you will enjoy.

5 technologies Steve Jobs brought to the masses

One of Steve Jobs’ gifts to consumers was creating sophisticated devices that hide incredibly complex technology. Some of the the most important technologies that we take for granted were vaulted into the mainstream thanks to Jobs and Apple, because they were implemented so elegantly.

Apple under Jobs set off a policy maelstrom

In bringing the geekiest tech to mainstream consumers, Steve Jobs also helped bring it to Washington, D.C. With the launch of the iPhone, Apple forced Washington legislators to address issues such as spectrum policy and mobile privacy and even got regulators involved in app development.

Steve Jobs biography moved up to Oct. 24 release

The authorized biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson, will be released on Oct. 24, according to publisher Simon & Schuster on Thursday. That’s nearly a month earlier than its planned release date, and reportedly includes personal interviews with Jobs very near the end of life.

How Apple users have honored Steve

News of Steve Jobs’ death was greeted with an outpouring of emotion by Apple fans around the world, in the form of moving tributes and memorials. We’ll see many more, no doubt, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of those gestures.

What Steve Jobs meant to us

Here at TAB, we can’t claim to have a special relationship with Steve Jobs, but we can claim to have had our lives deeply affected by his work. These are some stories of how Steve and the products he brought to life have done just that.

Steve Jobs: What Twitter is saying

Steve Jobs, the co-founder and chief visionary of Apple, passed away on Wednesday after a long battle with cancer, and the web — and social media such as Twitter — turned into a real-time expression of sorrow and gratitude. We’ve collected some of those thoughts here.


Steve Jobs: visionary, agent of change

In an industry that assumes change comes at a macro level, it’s hard to fathom how one man could single-handedly alter the way business operates and innovates; the way consumers interact with one another through work, school or at play; and how the face of technology will look from here and ever after. But that’s exactly what Steve Jobs did.

The Tao of Steve

For many of us who live and die for technology and the change it represents, Jobs was an example of what was possible, no matter how the chips were stacked against you. Jobs put life and soul into inanimate objects.

Share your thoughts and memories about Steve

Steve Jobs has passed away, and it’s impossible to fully express what he’s meant to all of us personally here at TheAppleBlog and GigaOM, and to the world as a whole. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Please, share with us your memories and thoughts.

Steve Jobs, tech visionary: 1955-2011

Steve Jobs, founder, chairman, and twice CEO of Apple Inc., and a man variously regarded over his 30 years in the technology industry years as a creative genius, a failure, and one of the most successful business executive in half a century has died

10 stories to read this week

After a brief break, this week I return with some great readings that involve Biggie Smalls, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Google’s Larry Page and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. And just when you were feeling too smart, well, I got some news for you.

10 Stories to read this weekend

This is the first ever-weekend edition of Om Says. In a week full of news one can easily miss some of the good stuff, so I wanted to share with you some of the best stories I read this past week and found useful and/or enjoyable.

Steve Jobs’ resignation — what the web is saying

Steve Jobs dropped a bombshell on the tech world Wednesday night, when the iconic founder of Apple announced that he was stepping down as CEO of the computer company. Here’s a selection of some of the responses from tech industry and other observers to the news.

Letter From Steve Jobs

To the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) Board of Directors and the Apple Community:

I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer me…

Gallery: Steve Jobs throughout the years

Steve Jobs has had a number of ups and downs over the years. Check out this history in magazine covers depicting his dramatic rise, fall and triumphant return to Apple, as well as his product leadership over the last three decades.

Steve Jobs and the sound of silence

Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple CEO leaves a big hole not only for the company, but also for the tech industry. In a time when so many companies focus on short-term decisions, Jobs taught us that real success is in taking the long view.

Encore: Steve Jobs in video

Steve Jobs was the ultimate showman. With the news of Jobs’ resignation from Apple, we’ve collected of some of his best presentations, caught on video for the ages for us to appreciate (and learn from).

Will We Define or Limit the Future?

For a very long time, technology industry’s future has been determined by the capabilities of tech’s building blocks – chips, memory, storage and networks. With the emergence of social and mobile, it seems technology’s future will be defined by we the people.

Obama to Silicon Valley: A Side of Innovation Please?

Steve Jobs and several other tech industry leaders, including Google’s Eric Schmidt and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, met last night with President Obama at the home of venture capitalist John Doerr. Subjects of discussion at the meeting included technological innovation and private sector job growth.

Steve Jobs and the History of Apple Product Development

With Steve Jobs taking a medical leave of absence, it’s worth looking at some of Apple’s most iconic successes and failures to date to get a macro-level look at the effect he’s had on Apple products (and by extension, the company itself) so far.

Our Full Coverage of the $99 Apple TV, Ping, & More

As expected, Apple today came through with a few major device updates it will be shipping this fall. It revised its entire iPod line, and gave the iPod Touch many features previously only available on the latest iPhone, such as FaceTime video chat.

Four Business Tips From Apple & Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was fractionally more candid than usual at an Apple press conference this morning. He shared some nuggets of wisdom which I feel are universal, regardless of how you may feel about Apple, Jobs and the company’s response to the iPhone 4 debacle.

Steve Jobs Survives Gizmodo, But Not MiFi

Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes tremendous pride in his public performances, and it pays off. His product presentations are usually seamless and even hypnotic. But today at WWDC, one glitch almost took Jobs down: too many Wi-Fi networks due to attendees packing their own.

Steve Jobs Is Wrong: The iTunes Model Won’t Help Media

Apple CEO Steve Jobs in his keynote interview at the D8 conference came close to endorsing the kind of “iTunes for news” model that many print publishers and media observers have wished for. But would such a system really be the savior of traditional media? No.

The Latest iPad And iPhone Stats

We are all here in Cupertino today to hear about the next stage of the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iPhone, but Steve Jobs treated us with a few stati…

Apple’s Cash Hoard Is For Taking Risks

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs told shareholders at its annual meeting yesterday that its $25 billion in cash and short-term securities would not be…

Steve Jobs: The Biography

Fanboys, be still your beating hearts; word on the street is that El Jobso himself is (finally!) working on his own completely…

Will the iPad Help Media? Possibly. Save Media? No.

The Apple iPad looks like a beautiful device for consuming all kinds of media, including print. But will that help newspapers and magazines? Not unless they fundamentally rethink their businesses. If anything, it will only accelerate the disruption they are already experiencing.

Apple Introduces the iPad

Looking dapper in jeans and a black mock turtle-neck, Steve Jobs took the stage today and officially introduced his iPad to the…

How to Present Like Steve Jobs

More a thespian than CEO, Steve Jobs has turned staid presentations into operatic productions. For the rest of us, a presentation by Carmine Gallo, author of “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience,” might come in handy.

Steve Jobs Top Tech CEO: Survey

Two nights ago I finished reading, Inside Steve’s Brain by Leander Kahney and last night started reading the updated version of The…

Apple’s Happy To Have Steve Jobs Back

Steve Jobs has returned to his job as CEO after recovering from a liver transplant during a seven-month long medical leave. “Steve is back t…

Steve Jobs “Is In the House”

Has Steve Jobs returned to work? The Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) CEO has apparently been seen entering and leaving the company

Jobs’ Health Saga: A History In Links

Is Steve Jobs ill or not? That’s been the dominant question surrounding Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) for much of the last year, even as the iPhone has…

Pixar's Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation

This week The McKinsey Quaterly asks: what does stimulating the creativity of animators have in common with developing new product ideas or…

A plea to Steve

Not that it will be delivered, but I just sent an email to Steve Jobs: Steve (or his assistant, secretary, mail reader,…

Steve Jobs On iPhone

He was on ABC’s news show Nightline last night..the 5 minute segment on YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) below:

Also, a good detailed interview with…

Steve Jobs and Hollywood: Friend or Foe?

Variety has a long story about how Steve Jobs learned to work with Hollywood, and vice-versa, and the long term implications of the relation…

Steve Jobs’ Magic Kingdom

BW has a rah-rah cover story about Steve Jobs and the Apple-Pixar deal. The basic premise: Iger’s assets and Jobs’ vision could prove a pote…