Steve Ballmer

Microsoft quietly buries Scroogled site

But Mark Penn stays on

Microsoft’s much maligned “Scroogled” campaign is finally, completely dead, apparently. Winbeta spotted that the old Scroogled site ( now redirects to a higher-road…

Yup, 2014 was a big year in cloud

The week (er year) in cloud

2014 was the year in which both Microsoft and Google got serious about their public cloud options and taking on Amazon Web…

A milestone moment for Microsoft: .NET is now an open-source project

In what probably never would have happened under the first two CEOs to lead the historic software company, Microsoft plans to announce on Wednesday that it is open sourcing the entire .NET framework, a symbolic move by the Redmond, Washington-based legacy technology company officially recognizing that the open-source model of software development is here to stay.

In defense of Steve Ballmer

Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is too loud, too bombastic, too sales-y, blah blah blah. He also built one of the world’s most profitable and efficient sales and channel organizations. So there.

Behind the scenes at the Microsoft-Nokia negotiations The NYT has published an interesting piece about the negotiations leading up to Microsoft(s msft)’s takeover of Nokia(s nok)’s handset business.…

Dell buyout deal is reportedly near

The notion of a privately-held Dell, partly owned by Microsoft, is getting closer to reality, according to published reports. A deal in which Microsoft owns a big stake in a PC company shows just how drastically times have changed.

The message of Microsoft Windows 8: “Reimagined” diversity

With a new operating system, Microsoft has a new story to tell about Windows 8. The “reimagined” interface made for touch and the diversity of hardware support, coupled with a strong ecosystem was the gist of the sale. Smartly, Microsoft didn’t compare itself to competitors directly.

Microsoft taps spinmeister Mark Penn as special projects chief

Mark Penn, the spin king/pollster who worked with Bill Clinton during Monica-Gate and advised Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, is now taking on Microsoft where he will head up “special projects” and focus on the consumer sector, reporting to CEO Steve Ballmer.

New Microsoft Office ropes in Skype, Yammer, SkyDrive

As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed off the company’s latest Office software Monday, he hit all the right marks — a touch interface, cloud storage, VoIP integration and social networking tie-ins. They had to. But a very different interface might spook current Office users.

Can Microsoft recover its super powers? Doubts persist

Apple took Microsoft to school with its iPod, iPhone, iPad trilogy and Microsoft responded with vows to one-up Apple with Surface and Windows phones. But can the Microsoft of the 21st century do what the older Microsoft did in overcoming foes? Skepticism abounds.

Microsoft’s Ballmer to Apple: It’s on (again)

Steve Ballmer, unbowed by a negative Vanity Fair story that paints Microsoft as a company that no longer competes effectively remains … well, Ballmer. In a recent interview, Ballmer said Microsoft will take the battle to Apple again in tablets, in smartphones, in cloud.

Microsoft in the dock over French tax fraud claims

French media is reporting that Microsoft’s Paris-based subsidiary is being investigated by the country’s tax authorities over its system for avoiding corporate taxes. It marks the latest low point for the business, which wrote down its $6.2bn purchase of aQuantive earlier this week.

Applying The Muppet Theory to tech — who are the Chaos Muppets?

The Muppet Theory making the rounds of late holds that everyone is either either a Chaos Muppet — volatile, energetic, perhaps brilliant — or an Order Muppet, surprise-averse, and hyper-organized. The late Steve Jobs? Order Muppet extraordinaire. Steve Ballmer? Hmmmm. Larry Page?

Can VMware draw developers, developers, developers?

VMware’s set its sights on becoming a bona fide application development powerhouse. With the latest version of its Springsource-based vFabric Suite, VMware adds application deployment automation, vSphere-optimized Posgres and a SQLFire in-memory database layer — all are geared to woo web scale developers.

Google: AppEngine is here to stay

Software developers in search of a platform still wonder whether Google is really serious about Google AppEngine. Google’s Greg D’alesandre insists that Google — up to and including CEO Larry Page — is all-in with GAE

This is why Google is losing the future

“Google is a crack dealer” is a phrase Larry Page never wanted to hear: but as the company’s relationships with developers begin to fracture across the board — from the web to mobile to apps — it is losing its grip on its own destiny.

Bill Gates: Open source champ?

Was Bill Gates, chairman and co-founder of Microsoft, the power behind the proprietary Windows-and-Office juggernaut, really an open source champion? A new Wired article lays Microsoft’s wider embrace of open source technologies — including Node.js and Hadoop — squarely at Gates’ feet.

Mystery: Who killed the Microsoft CES keynote?

The decision to end Microsoft CES keynotes after next month was painted by both parties as an amicable split. Inside sources say it was anything but and that the Consumer Electronics Association booted the software giant in a bid to shake up the show.

CES: Ballmer On What Microsoft Has Coming Next

Steve Ballmer started off his Consumer Electronics Show keynote Wednesday by running down Microsoft’s product debuts in 2010, including Wind…

Once Again, Steve Ballmer Is Wrong — This Time About Android

Steve Ballmer, the chief executive officer of Microsoft, the world’s largest software company — is almost always wrong. He was wrong about the iPod. He was wrong about the iPhone and he is once again going to be proven wrong about Google’s Android OS.

3 Surprise Scenarios for Microsoft's Future

Even after Microsoft reported record earnings a few days ago, one of its former executives has effectively written the company’s obituary in a NYT op-ed piece. Is Microsoft not savable? Here are three surprise scenarios that could have a lot of upside for the company.

Windows 7 Will Throw Down, But Not Just Yet

The Windows 7 trumpets are blasting with gusto, with Steve Felice, president of the small and medium-sized business (SMB) division of Dell…

Ballmer: Yahoo Buyout Is Not Gonna Happen

Sorry, Jerry, a buyout’s not gonna happen. That’s the message MSFT CEO Steve Ballmer made clear at a business luncheon in Sydney, Reuters sa…

Ballmer Is Wrong About Android

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft (s MSFT), should just stay away from predicting the success of consumer-focused products. He was wrong about…

Ballmer: Microsoft Can Live Without Yahoo

At least publicly, Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer is totally unmoved by Yahoo’s (NSDQ: YHOO) earnings. Speaking in Milan, reports…