Stephen Elop

Why apps needs a different kind of VC funding

The rise of the app economy and new platforms has triggered a sharp increase in startups. For the new startups, the world needs a new kind of a VC model, argues Tero Ojanpera, a former Nokia executive and the man behind a new investment fund, Vision+.

Nokia Keeps Burning — But How Long Can It Hold Out?

Stephen Elop’s grand plan to reform Nokia has taken a battering — from critics, from rivals and from consumers. Now the market is sticking the knife in too, as the Finnish mobile maker’s share price plummets and leaves it looks weaker than ever.

The End of the (Nokia) Raj

Nokia, for the longest time has been the undisputed ruler of planet mobile. The emergence of Apple and Google hasnot only shaken its core, it has also reduced its pre-eminence as a mobile superpower. The deal with Microsoft, it is the beginning of the end.

Microsoft Puts Mobile On Mute In Earnings

Sales of the Kinect have swiped away all expectations, and Office is still going strong, but mobile was conspicuously absent in Microsoft’s…

Nokia Chairman Ollila Will Resign In 2012

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Chairman Jorma Ollila will leave his post in 2012 as the company tries a new direction under new CEO Stephen Elop, who was…

Why Nokia Chose Stephen Elop

Nokia today named Stephen Elop as the new president and CEO of the Finnish phone-maker, effective Sept. 21. Elop replaces Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo who held the role since 2006. To understand why Nokia chose Elop, you just have look at both Nokia’s strategy and at Elop’s past.