Most YouTube views come from non-English users

Sixty percent of all video views on YouTube come from people whose primary language is not English. The site addresses this global and multilingual audience with a growing number of languages and localizations as well as an increased effort to monetize video views worldwide.

Online video consumption moves from minutes to hours

Close to three percent of online video viewers watch more than 24 hours of online video per week, according to a new survey. And 62 percent of users profess that they are watching more video online than just a year ago, according to a similar study.

Report: We are a YouTube nation

Chances are that one out of four of you went to YouTube or Vimeo yesterday. That’s one of the results of a new study published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which also reveals that parents like YouTube even more than people without offspring.

It’s Official: The Web Now As Popular As TV

Couch potato, meet laptop junkie: Americans and Canadians now spend just as much time online as they spend in front of the TV screen, according to a new Forrester survey. Around a third of consumers watch video online, but mobile TV is still small.

Americans Now Watch 30 Minutes of Online Video Per Day

The average U.S.-based Internet user is now watching some 30 mintes of online video every day, according to new data from comScore. The viewing time per user is up 40% since last year, thanks in part to video sites like YouTube making their offerings stickier.

World Cup a Boost to YouTube Mobile

Mobile users browsed the web and checked on scores with their handsets while World Cup soccer games were broadcast, and flocked to YouTube the day after important matches to find video footage of goals, fouls and penalty kicks, according to a new report from Allot Communications.

World Cup Stats: Weekend Time Is TV Time

With the U.S. team, Mexico and many others heading home, will online traffic for World Cup streams and Twitter live updates plummet? First stats seem to signal that interest in the tournament is ebbing off, but the U.S. team’s last game still saw some significant traffic.

Half of Internet Users Watch Online Video Every Week

More Internet users are tuning in to online video regularly, with half of all viewers watching video online each week, according to a survey conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates. That’s up from 43 percent of users who watched online video weekly the previous year.

World Cup Stats: ESPN3 Beats Univision, ITV Scores in UK

The World Cup has been a big traffic machine for ESPN3. The broadband network tracked close to 800,000 soccer fans tuning in for the match between the U.S. and Slovenia. Competitor on the other hand had its best day when Mexico faced off against France.

Online Video Viewing Declines in Q1

Maybe online video viewing isn’t growing as quickly as we thought. In fact, it might be declining, if you believe stats from Nielsen. In its Three Screen Report, Nielsen reports the amount of time people spent watching video online dropped from the end of last year.

Mobile Video Chat Revenues to Reach $3.4B by 2015

Driven by ubiquitous broadband, increasingly smart devices and free, easy-to-use video chat services, the number of video calls consumers make could increase nearly ten-fold over the next five years, leading to mobile video chat revenues reaching $3.4 billion by 2015, according to research from GigaOM Pro.

Online Video Viewers: The Young, the Rich, the Educated

The number of people turning to web video continues to increase, with 69 percent of US Internet users watching videos online, according to Pew’s “State of Online Video” report. But much of that growth is coming from Internet users that are young, educated and well-off.

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