5 ideas to help everyone make the most of big data

I spent two days last week watching experts on big data and data science discuss how their companies are building businesses around data, or at least rethinking how they do business. Although most came from the web, these five ideas should matter across industries.

Ticket seller Amiando touts ‘over 100%’ growth

Amiando, the German-focused ticket sales service owned by business network Xing, has been crowing about its growth. In fact, its stats don’t actually say a lot — but they do serve as a glowing end-of-term report for the soon-to-depart company founders.

Obama administration to push big data agenda

Big data must really be big to get its own White House-sanctioned research and development initiative. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy will host a live webcast Thursday to outline how the government can “help big data” efforts.

Internet Observatory offers real-time IP traffic trends

Broadband geeks don’t have to look to the stars any longer to guess how much of Europe’s bandwidth is generated by BitTorrent and how SIP is faring against Skype on the continent. Ipoque’s new Internet Observatory offers real-time traffic data for these and other trends.

Americans love their TVs, but flirt with streaming

Is there any record the U.S. can’t break? Americans now watch more TV than ever, with every viewer clocking 22 more minutes per day than just a year ago, according to Nielsen. However, some people seem to prefer online video over traditional TV viewing.

Nielsen: In Online Video, Ethnicity Matters

Asian-American consumers watch more online video than any other ethnic group in the U.S., and white people don’t seem to care much at all about video streaming. Nielsen’s latest look at ethnic media consumption habits, which raises some interesting questions about the priorities of this industry.

Infographic: The Apple App Store by the Numbers

iPhone and iPad app discovery website App of the Day spent some time analyzing App Store data and came up with some interesting findings, which they compiled in this infographic. Check it out for a detailed look at how Apple’s mobile marketplace ticks.

Nielsen: iPad Owners Younger, More Receptive of Ads

A new study by Nielsen about mobile device users revealed some interesting statistics about iPad owners. First, they tend to be younger men, and second, they tend to be more susceptible to advertising than most (which is maybe how got an iPad to begin with).

45% of TV Viewers Get Their Shows Online

Linear TV still reigns supreme, but more and more consumers around the world are using time shifting and online video on a regular basis. A new study from Ericsson’s ConsumerLab say that 45 percent of all viewers access TV through online platforms once a week.

Mobile TV: Bigger Is Better

Bigger screens lead to longer mobile video engagement times: That’s the result of some data crunching over at MobiTV, which analyzed the World Cup viewing patterns of various mobile users. Another result of that research: Users of Android devices watch far more soccer than iPhone users.

Survey Says: Faster Broadband Doesn’t Equal Innovation

The state of U.S. broadband is mediocre compared to countries like South Korea. Things are even worse in China. But the U.S. has some great online video sites, and China continues to innovate in the P2P video space. What does that say about broadband and innovation?

Is P2P Dead? Not So Fast

Network security vendor Arbor Networks has been drumming up publicity for its upcoming Internet Observatory Report this week. One of the widely…