Thor hits Netflix as content drought eases

Since the sign-off of its Starz deal in February, Netflix’s streaming service has been largely devoid of new blockbuster movie titles. Can the arrival of top-grossing films like Thor, Transformers 3 and Immortals kickstart Netflix’s sluggish subscriber growth … and stock price?

What Wall Street is saying about Netflix-Starz

Starz announced yesterday that it wouldn’t renew its streaming deal with Netflix, sending many Netflix investors heading for the exits. Netflix stock has been down 8-10 percent since the announcement went out. But what do Wall Street analysts think?

More bad news for Netflix: Starz ends renewal talks

The latest piece of bad news for Netflix? Cable network Starz will no longer negotiate to renew a licensing deal that give Netflix users access to content from Disney and Sony Pictures at the same time as Starz cable subscribers.

The real reason Sony movies disappeared from Netflix

Sony content disappeared from Netflix Friday, after distributor Starz had reached an IP distribution cap in its contract. Starz had reached a maximum number of users that can access the service from online video services — with the vast majority of those subscribers coming from Netflix.

Disney, Starz Take Dish to Court Over Free Promotion

Starz and Disney are suing Dish Network over a year-long free promotion it offered, claiming the satellite TV provider can’t distribute its channels without payment from users. The giveaway also coincides with Starz renegotiating its Netflix deal, which could take away some of its negotiating leverage.

Deal or No Deal? Why Starz Is Making Netflix Users Wait

Want to watch the premiere episode of the new Starz show Camelot on Netflix? Then you’d better be patient: Starz introduces a 90-day window for its content starting April 1st. However, this isn’t really just about Camelot. Starz simply wants a better deal with Netflix.

Why Netflix Won’t Do A Tiered Deal With Starz

There’s plenty of time before Starz’s controversial streaming deal with Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) runs out, but that hasn’t stopped analysts from…

Vid-Biz: Netflix-Starz, CBS, Google TV

Today on the Net: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said he doesn’t necessarily need to renew the company’s deal with Starz, CBS Interactive head Neil Ashe is stepping down and CBS head Leslie Moonves said Google TV would have to pay up for access to its content.

How Much Is Starz Worth to Netflix? Maybe $250M a Year

Starz has been a key component in the growth of Netflix’s streaming service over the past two years, but it has been woefully underpaid in that time. A new deal could bring Starz more than $250 million a year, according to BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield.

Vid-Biz: Starz, OverDrive, Heroes

Libraries Can Download Starz Content for Free; arrangement brokered by Ohio-based OverDrive, which provides public libraries with digital content. (paidContent) Orca Partners…

Vongo is Gone-go

This certainly isn’t shocking: Starz Entertainment has shut down online movie service Vongo. A visit to the site shows the following message:…