The mobile commerce market in 2014

Consumers and business users alike are increasingly making transactions via mobile devices, and the growing importance of this channel is spurring companies to shift resources towards mobility initiatives.

Loop’s interesting twist on the mobile wallet

A Boston startup is launching yet another in-store smartphone payments app. But Loop believes it has edge. Instead of building a transaction network its using its magnetic field technology to emulate the plastic in your wallet.

Why Starbucks is betting on Square

Starbucks has seen the power of mobile payments first hand but isn’t prepared to expand its own payment efforts. But it is making a big $25 million bet on Square to be a leader in this fast growing space.

Starbucks teams up with Square, will accept Pay with Square

Square and Starbucks have entered into a sweeping and wide ranging agreement that would cement Square’s role in the emerging mobile commerce economy. The coffee giant will accept payments through Pay with Square. Square will also process Starbucks’ U.S. credit card and debit card transactions.

Facebook: See? We told you social advertising works

A comScore study of consumer behavior following exposure to marketing messages on Facebook shows that both fans and friends of fans are more likely to buy things after they see such messages, data that Facebook badly needs to prove the value of its social platform.


Defining the mobile wallet: what it is, why it matters

The upcoming showdown between Google Wallet and soon-to-be competitor Isis is just one of many interesting story lines that will take hold this year as companies ratchet up their mobile wallet offerings. But with all the new products from a variety of players comes a potentially confusing year as the term “mobile wallet” gets thrown around repeatedly. What exactly is the “mobile wallet”? Here are some important definitions for those looking to make a move in the space.

How daily deals can target the mobile space

Groupon and LivingSocial dominate the burgeoning market for email daily deals, but the landscape could change quickly as those models expand to the much more complex world of mobile. Here’s what coupon distributors need to keep in mind as they target mobile users.

Starbucks Pushes Mobile Payments Into the Mainstream

Starbucks is taking mobile payments nationwide with the rollout of payments by smartphone at more than 7,500 locations. The payment system builds off a limited trial from last year and has the potential to push mobile payments into the mainstream for the first time.

Quarterly Wrap-up

In Q3, E-books and White Spaces Ruled

But HDBaseT can deliver video in cable lengths exceeding 300 feet, and TVs located anywhere in the home can be connected to a computer and the Internet with HDBaseT.

Starbucks Digital Network Is Nice, But Is It Mobilicious?

Starbucks designed its new Yahoo-powered Starbucks Digital Network as a mobile experience, saying it was logical considering more than half of its free Wi-Fi users use smartphones. Too bad the the portal seems designed first for tablets and laptops and less so for smartphones.

Starbucks/Apple/Yahoo Deal Brings Free In-Store Content

Starbucks wants to give customers more than just free internet access. Through a new partnership with Apple and Yahoo, the Seattle-based coffee chain will provide customers with free content to enjoy via their Wi-Fi connection. Music, books, newspapers and more are on the menu.

O2 Turns on Geo-fencing for Starbucks, L’Oreal in UK

Geo-fencing is getting a major showcase with a roll-out by UK mobile operator O2 of an offer program that will target a million subscribers with Starbucks and L’Oreal coupons. O2 subscribers who opt in will get discounts on Starbucks and L’Oreal products as they pass by.

Starbucks’ New Portal Was Designed With Mobile in Mind

Starbucks is taking a tip from its users and designing its upcoming web landing portal Starbucks Digital Network to be optimized for mobile devices. The site will be built in HTML5, use touch and swipes and will be optimized for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices

Using Starbucks As Your Office? Here Are Some Tips

When we started GigaOM, Liz, Katie and I would sit at my neighborhood Starbucks and co-work. Like us, many entrepreneurs now use coffee shops to work, and since Starbucks is now offering free Wi-Fi, I thought I’d share a few lessons we learned about working there.

Starbucks Launching Digital Network and Free U.S. Wi-Fi

In what must surely be a nod that more establishments offer free Wi-Fi than ever before, Starbucks will do the same in its U.S. stores effective July 1. The free Wi-Fi and launch later this year of Starbucks Digital Network is through a partnership with Yahoo.

AT&T Buys Wayport to Keep iPhone Users Happy

Today AT&T said it would buy Wayport, an operator of Wi-Fi hotspots around the country, for $275 million in cash. The deal brings AT&T 80,000 Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country, which will help offload bandwidth-clogging traffic, driven by Wi-Fi enabled phones, from its 3G network.

T-Mobile USA Sues Starbucks Over Free Wi-Fi

T-Mobile USA is finally taking offense to Starbucks’ continued move towards AT&T: it is suing the coffee chain for a breach of contract by a…

How to Prepare Your Startup for the Downturn

McKinsey blasted us again yesterday, this time with its foreboding “Special Collection: Coping with a downturn.” Every day the signs of our…

Another Exec Out at Babelgum

Internet television platform Babelgum has lost another top executive — its CTO, Mallku Caballero. (Thanks for the tip, commenter Rumpelstiltskin.) Caballero, who…

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that special time of the year for spending time with friends and family once again. Kevin and I wish all of…

Tuesday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

Amazon To Sell Historic Footage; will digitize National Archives. (Washington Post) More Video Producers Using Own Websites; Mefeedia notes 61 percent of…

Starbucks Downscaling Its Music Rollout?

So says this story from the Statesman in Texas, citing that it has quietly pulled CD-burning kiosks out of most of its Austin and Seattle st…

Starbucks Music Chief To Leave: Report

So says NYPost… Don MacKinnon, VP of music and entertainment at Starbucks, is on his way out the door. The impending move comes as Starbuc…

Starbucks To Relocate Content Office to LA

Updated, read below: This should be fun: Starbucks will be relocating its content division from Seattle to LA, closer to Hollywood. Starbuck…

Lo Behold, Starbucks Is a Network

(reg, req.) What a concept: have wi-fi in-store, will offer downloads. Anyway, at Starbucks’ annual meeting in Seattle yesterday, chairman H…

Starbucks and The Music & Movie Business

Starbucks announced its Q4 earnings this week, and in the conference call, Howard Schultz, Chairman and Chief Global Strategist, expounded o…

Find that tune with GoFish

Silicon GoFish, started by the founder of the now-defunct Musiclocker service, allows people to simultaneously search for songs from Napster,,…

Starbucks Slows Digital Music Rollout

Well, no one said it would be easy…Starbucks is taking longer than expected to introduce music CD burners to its coffee outlets because of…

XM Teams With Starbucks

Starbucks is continuing its strides in digital music and media: XM Satellite Radio is teaming up with Starbucks to create a “Starbucks Hear…

Starbucks Content Plans Over Wi-Fi

Some more details on Starbucks’ plans for streaming and selling content through its stores. Starbucks and T-Mobile, together with HP, have e…

For Starbucks, Music Is Just The Start

Refer to the Fast Company cover story on Starbucks I pointed out earlier…The Internet and music services are just a start, according to Or…

Thinking Outside The Cup

Fast Company’s latest cover story is on Starbucks and its ambitions to develop into a media and entertinament giant…something I have writt…

Turn Your Spare Change Into Coffee

And why am I mentioning it here? Hold on. Let’s get to the news first…Coinstar, the supermarket coin machines company, has launched a pilo…

Tying Music With Wi-Fi

(via MediaDrop): Where else, but Starbucks. The coffee congolmerate has released a Sarah McLachlan-selected compilation CD through its HearM…

Starbucks’ Music Focus

A profile of Kenneth Lombard, who was recently appointed as head of Starbucks’ entertainment division. Lombard helped Earvin “Magic” Johnso…

Keeping up with the G-Men

This comes from a reader: Yesterday Yahoo announced it would begin offering 100 megabytes of storage to its non-paying e-mail subscribers in…

Starbucks Opens First Music Cafe in U.S.

The first Starbucks music cafe, a former Hear Music store in Santa Monica, California, opens on Tuesday on a promenade popular with tourists…

Starbucks Tunes In to Digital Music

The oh-so-posh Starbucks music is going digital, and how: it is going to launch an in-store music service allowing customers to do listen to…