20 Under 20: Reality TV that won’t embarrass Silicon Valley

Meet America’s young entrepreneurs: not through The Social Network or an overly dramatic reality TV series, but in a new documentary following the next class of Thiel Fellows, individuals emboldened (and compensated) to drop out of school in pursuit of their science and tech dreams.

Two startups aim to make higher education more affordable — or free

Higher education costs have skyrocketed by over 430 percent since the 1980s. Now two startups aim to make college courses more affordable. Coursera offers free online courses from universities like Stanford and Princeton. And a new tool from Akademos helps professors find less expensive — or free — textbooks for their courses.

Stanford Spinout C3Nano Raises Funds for Solar, Screens

Transparent electrodes might sound like a bit of high tech machinery, but they’re the basic components of electronic screens from cell phones to solar panels. This week Stanford spinout C3Nano says it’s raised funding to commercialize its lower cost, more flexible conductive coatings.

Stanford, the Tech Company Landlord

Stanford has long been an investor in many tech companies through the venture capital holdings in its endowment and technology licensing. But the university also extracts a toll out of the tech industry through its real estate holdings.

Found|LINKS: Mar. 29 – April 5

This week’s short list of stories, posts and other founder-resources you shouldn’t miss. 1.) From VC John Doerr, check out this slide…

Churbuck on Muni WiFi

David Churbuck: While I rather see the private marketplace do its economic magic, the cozy relationship between the Telcos and public utility…