Flash is for everyone, says storage startup Skyera

Watch out hard drives — slick startup Skyera, launched by the founder of SandForce, says it really can put flash storage everywhere — without breaking the bank. It’s a bold claim but one that’s backed up with some pretty credible storage expertise.

Amazon launches high-performance SSD instances

Amazon’s new “High I/O Quadruple Extra Large” compute instances use SSD to store and retrieve lots of data fast — which should make them popular for interactive web and mobile applications where real-time response to user clicks and gestures is key.

Nutanix gets $25M to help you scale like Google

Nutanix just closed a $25 million Series B round for its system that puts computing and storage on the same node, allowing companies to scale their storage layer without investing in a SAN. Khosla Ventures led the round, along with Lightspeed Venture Partners and Blumberg Capital.

Acunu’s quest to make big data run faster

Big data can sometimes mean big infrastructure to run everything on, or perhaps it can mean slower performance as the hardware struggles to read from or write to a database, which is why we picked Acunu as one of our Structure 2011 Launchpad companies. Learn more.

Dataram SSD Appliance Targets SAN Performance

Dataram today took the wraps off its XcelaSAN solid-state disk (SSD) appliance. The company made its name selling memory-optimization products for high-performance…