Pandora gives up on law to reform music royalty rates

Pandora pushed for a law to equal the playing field when it comes to the rates that different types of radio service must pay to license content, but it came up short. The outcome could hurt the service when its current contracts expire in 2015.

7 stories to read this weekend

Reporting in Mexico is a tough job that can get you killed. In Hollywood, you don’t know who is reading your email. And why do indie musicians hate Pandora and Spotify? These and more stories are on my recommended list of stories to read this weekend.

Despite new competition, Pandora grows its users

Spotify, Songza… the list of Pandora’s competitors keeps growing longer. But that doesn’t seem to impact the music discovery company’s growth. More people are listening to Pandora more often every month — a trend that isn’t going to change as radio-listening continues to move online.

Parker: Apple tried to keep Spotify out of the U.S.

It took Spotify seemingly forever to launch in the U.S. after making its debut in Europe, and while the licensing discussions were complicated, Apple played a role in holding up Spotify’s U.S. entrance, according to company backer Sean Parker.

Oops: Spotify started in Germany without key license

Spotify apparently didn’t want to wait any longer for its launch in Germany, which came two weeks before the service is having its final negotiations with rights holders group GEMA. The final deal with GEMA could determine how much music Germans will get for free.

Facebook’s users have shared 5B songs since F8

Facebook’s users have shared more than five billion songs through the site ever since it opened its social graph up to music services like Spotify, MOG and Rdio four months ago at its f8 developer conference. Sharing has also led to more concert ticket sales.

The Morning Lowdown 11-30-11

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Pandora: Spotify is our friend, not a competitor

It’s understandable for people to think that Spotify, the popular new kid on the online music industry block, as a competitor to Internet radio pioneer Pandora. But according to Pandora’s CTO and executive vice president of product Tom Conrad, the companies are actually friends, not foes.

Steve Jobs: A Tribute In Links And Quotes

We’ve gathered together a selection of some of the stories and tributes been written for Steve Jobs in the last several weeks — with a part…

At f8, Facebook to jump on the NFC train

In a matter of hours, Facebook is going to host f8, its annual developer conference. By now we have all heard everything that is coming at the event. Sources say Facebook will make some sort of announcement around NFC technologies at the event as well. wants to become MTV for the digital generation

The act of discovering new music videos and watching them in a leanback experience has not yet been made easy by distributors. That’s a problem hopes to solve, combining discovery and playback in a way that will position it as MTV for the digital generation.

GigaOM Euro 20: Super Stars

The average European startup might struggle to get the same attention as the latest hot prospect outta Silicon Valley, but some of Europe’s biggest names are famous across the globe. In our first installment of GigaOM’s Euro 20, we chose these five startups as Super Stars.

The Morning Lowdown 07-27-11

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Want a Spotify US Invite? Here is how you get it.

Last week, Spotify launched in the United States with much fanfare. Many of our readers pinged me asking for get an invitation to Spotify’s music service. We talked to some folks over at Spotify and worked on getting you access. Here is how.

Pandora For E-Books

24symbols, a site that harnesses a Pandora-like model for e-books, officially launched today. The site lets users read e-books by streaming…

The Morning Lowdown 04-19-11

» The DVD and online video rental company LoveFilm has joined forces with Disney (NYSE: DIS) to stream films including Toy Story 3…

The State of Music Monetization

Who’s paying for what? We’ve been getting hit with a lot of subscriber updates here and there, including a few at MidemNet this weekend. S…

8Tracks Rolls Playlists of the Stars

8tracks, a New York-based startup, has teamed up with Rolling Stone magazine. They are featuring some awesome playlists created by the likes of Annie Lennox, Bono and hip-hop artist, Cee Lo. This is exactly the kind of creative thinking/partnership established brands need.

Do The Math: How Big Will Spotify’s Revenues Be In 2010?

Today, a music industry website revealed some startling financial about red-hot music service, Spotify. Using that and some other publicly available information, we have put together a revenue model that shows the company is having a spectacular 2010, at least from a revenue perspective.

Spotify Now Targeting Q3 for U.S. Launch

A smash hit in Europe, streaming music service Spotify now reportedly aims to launch in the U.S. by the third quarter of 2010. Once expected in the second half of 2009, the rollout has been delayed as questions about Spotify’s business model have arisen.

More Details About Spotify's New Money

Spotify, one of my favorite new companies, is getting more money. Earlier today, Michael Arrington reported that he had heard from multiple sources that the Founders Fund has invested in the fast-growing European startup.

KKBOX: A Freemium Music Model That's Actually Profitable

While the music industry watches Spotify’s endeavor to make money on streaming music via the freemium model in Europe, Taipei-based KKBOX has figured out how to turn a profit by converting free listeners to paying subscribers in Asia. Soon it will set sights on the U.S.

How Hot Is Spotify?

You know how Apple makes its presence felt at CES by not being there? Well, you can say the same for Spotify,…