Top 5 lessons learned at AWS Re:invent

If you still think Amazon Web Services are all about infrastructure, think again. Amazon wants you to manage all your stuff via AWS and it wants to shift the conversation away from price.

Yikes: a computer worm that targets the energy industry

More computer malware that targets the energy industry has been found. Are power companies ready for these types of attacks? As the power grid and energy companies embrace digital technology, wireless networks, and big data, they’ll have to also embrace the security tools of the Internet.

Thwarting terrorism with creativity and lots of data

There’s nothing quite like a hypothetical about someone setting a whole block on fire after cutting off the fire department’s electric supply in order to slow its response. Is it comforting to know that smart people and smart analytics could help stop it from happening?

Splunk IPO kills, lives up to expectations

The highly anticipated Splunk IPO has not disappointed, with shares up 90 percent from their opening price at one point. Intense trading tripped NYSE circuit breakers. Surging interest in Splunk reflects a belief that the era of big data is just beginning.

Splunk IPO explained and why it matters

Splunk’s IPO has been much anticipated with good reason. Splunk’s machine data search, analytics and visualization technologies address the gap between the reams of big data generated by the second and the ability to parse and display that data in a meaningful way.

Splunk wants to webify big data

IT analytics company Splunk has received a patent for its method of organizing and presenting big data to mirror the experience of browsing links on the web. Splunk wants users to think about big data like a web problem and not like an analytics problem.