Twitter details its anti-spam system, BotMaker

Twitter has developed a system called BotMaker to deal with its spam problem. Essentially, BotMaker scans messages before they’re posted, after they’re posted, and as part of bulk data analyses in order to determine what’s spam and then deal with them accordingly.

Dropbox spam attack remains a mystery

The mystery of the spam afflicting Dropbox users remains unsolved as of late Wednesday. Starting Monday, users of the popular file-sync-and-store service started complaining about spam sent to email addresses associated only with their Dropbox accounts.

Amazon bans Kindle Store spam (finally)

Amazon is finally banning some of the junkier content in the Kindle Store, including “content that is freely available on the web, unless you are the copyright owner of that content.”

Twitter sends direct message with spam lawsuit

Twitter hopes to make it safe to tweet about the iPad again. The company has filed a lawsuit against five companies that build tools for helping really annoying people spam Twitter users with shady offers and dangerous links.