Telefónica, Telenor go after developers in tandem

The Wholesale Application Community’s dream of a single pool of APIs shared among all global carriers may have died, but Telefónica may be trying to revive it. It’s recruited fellow mega-operator Telenor into its BlueVia developer platform. Together they reach 400 million global subscribers.

Thanks to the iPhone, Fon finds its sweet spot in Japan

Fon may have launched in Madrid, but lately the company taking on a very Japanese flavor. According to the company, which pioneered the concept of a global community Wi-Fi network, 1 million or a full one-sixth of its global access points now reside in Japan.

Roku gets ready to launch in Germany, Spain

Roku just started rolling out a firmware update to its media players that includes a translation of its user interface to Spanish and German. This comes just days after we broke the story that Roku is eyeing Germany and Span as its next foreign markets.

Roku eyes Germany, Spain, but where will Netflix go?

Roku’s web developers left some hints in the code of the company’s website that suggest an expansion to Germany and Spain. What does this mean for Netflix, which has traditionally been the most popular service on Roku, and closely tied to its previous international expansions?

Telefónica pins its hopes on being more than mobile

Spanish mobile operator Telefónica might be the world’s sixth largest network — but it says that the future could be more about other services, with a strategy to expand its footprint in areas like cloud computing, operating systems and machine-to-machine networks.

Has Europe fallen out of love with the mobile phone?

Declining sales in Spain and France suggest that Europe’s relationship with mobile has reached the ‘it’s complicated’ stage. But what are the reasons for the precipitous falls being witnessed by mobile companies across the continent? And is it actually a bad thing?

The GigaEU radar: This week in events

Football’s Euro 2012 tournament may be distracting plenty of people from their normal lives, but there are still plenty of events taking place across the continent for anyone interested in technology and the future. We pick three to watch out for.

Do we need another mobile OS? Mozilla thinks so

Searching for a new lease of life, Mozilla is joining forces with Spanish operator Telefónica to build handsets that have web technologies at their heart. But can Mozilla succeed where Palm failed? And is there room in a difficult market for more players?

Tough for Telefónica as Euro mobile goes down the pan

Spanish telecoms giant Telefónica — the world’s third-largest mobile firm — saw profits cut in half after a troubled year. With Nokia, Siemens and Deutsche Telekom all facing a torrid time, is the writing on the wall for Europe’s mobile businesses?

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Streaming site sues U.S. government over seized domains

The Spanish company behind has sued the U.S. government, the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement for seizing the domains of its website. Rojadirecta was used to trade links to live sporting events, but its former owners say the sites were legal.

Spanish Court Sides With YouTube

A Spanish court dismissed a lawsuit against Google’s video sharing site YouTube today. The lawsuit was brought forward against YouTube by the Spanish broadcaster Telecinco, who alleged in it that the video sharing site didn’t do enough against and even profited from its users copyright infringement.

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