NASA launches MAVEN Mars orbiter

The spacecraft will spend 10 months journeying to Mars, where it will focus on the planet’s upper atmosphere. The data it collects could help explain the disappearance of water on the planet.

Europe to send rover to Mars

The robot, which is capable of working autonomously, will search for signs of life in soil samples. A complementary satellite will monitor the planet’s atmosphere for unusual gases.

Quick tip: Reclaim space in a pinch on iOS devices

Don’t have enough space to download your favorite app’s update? For those of us that fill our phones to the brim with apps and media, it’s a familiar scenario. However, there’s a neat trick to easily and temporarily reclaim space on your iOS device.

App Review: The Void — Where No iPhone Has Gone Before

[appreview] title=The Void image= price=$2.99 url= rating=bronze [/appreview] An epic RPG has arrived on the iPhone, featuring battles, leveling up, upgradeable weapons…


Hard disk space can be extremely valuable, especially for notebook owners. I find myself constantly auditing the contents of my disk, usually…

Why the Huffington Post Blows?

Media 2.0 econ differs from Media 1.0 econ … strategies like celebs and talking heads – marketing-driven strategies – are doomed to…