SunPower launches its first solar concentrator

Once upon a time, concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) technology received ridicule for its design and promise to deliver cheaper electricity. But CPV is now attracting new entrants such as SunPower, the long-time maker of traditional solar panels that on Tuesday launched a CPV system.

Largest Solar Concentrating PV Project Set to Rise in Cali

Can solar concentrating photovoltaic technology ever become mainstream? There’s a new project that shows it can: Tenaska Solar Ventures will build a 150 MW of CPV systems that will produce electricity for San Diego Gas & Electric. The largest CPV installation to date is 1 MW.

Morgan Solar Raising Funds for Concentrating Solar PV

Morgan Solar, a concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) startup, is raising a B round of $20-25 million and hopes to complete the fundraising by as early as April, Nicolas Morgan, vice president of business development at the company, told us.

The BellCo, CableCo CatFight

USA Today has a long piece on the cat-fight between cable and phone operators, which apparently is getting ugly. How ugly? USA…

Slinging dollars

Sling Media, finally says yup we got $10.5 million from Mobius and Doll Capital Management. But then I already reported that. They…