Cleantech VC and the state of the IPO market

Of greatest concern is that as financing for cleantech gets tight, the brightest startups will struggle to find early stage capital and those companies nearing the path to commercialization will find it hard to find scaling capital.

Biochemical company Elevance raises $104M

Despite that venture funding for cleantech is cooling off, some companies are still able to get money for growth. For example, biochemical company Elevance Renewable Sciences has raised a $104 million Series E round from oil giant Total’s investing arm, and Malaysian conglomerate Genting Berhad.

Solazyme now moving into biofuels in a major way

After nine-years, an IPO and $125 million in venture funding, Solazyme is finally ready to break into biofuels in a more commercial way: this week Solazyme announced the ground-breaking of a biofuel plant in Brazil through a joint venture with Bunge.

Braemar closes $300M fund for energy tech

At least one venture firm is still standing strong behind energy technology. Ten-year-old Braemar Energy Ventures announced on Wednesday that it has closed its latest third fund, of $300 million, to invest in energy technologies.

Solazyme’s algae jet fuel powers United flight

Sometime shortly after 7 a.m. PST on Monday, execs at algae oil company Solazyme and members of the media will board a plane at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport and take off on the first commercial U.S. domestic flight to use Solazyme’s algae-based jet fuel.

How next-gen biofuels are faring on the stock market

Next-gen biofuel and biochemical companies Genomatica and Mascoma have filed notices recently indicating that they plan to go public some time soon. But how are the other next-gen biofuel companies that have gone public in recent months now faring on the stock market? Mostly down.

Cleantech investing drops by a third and embraces efficiency

Cleantech venture investments dropped by a third in the second quarter of this year compared to the same quarter last year, according to the Cleantech Group. However, energy efficiency technologies such as LED lighting and energy management software are still getting some love from private investors.

Solazyme’s Shares Climb in Nasdaq Debut

On its first day of trading, algae oil and fuel company Solazyme, saw its shares trade up around 15 percent from its IPO price of $18 per share. At one point Solazyme’s shares hit $22 per share, but leveled back down to close at $20.71.

Who Wins in the Solazyme IPO?

This morning, as algae oil maker Solazyme made its debut on the Nasdaq, the company’s co-founders and investors are popping the champagne corks on pricing shares at the high end at $18 per share. Who made good in Solazyme’s debut? Hint: The Roda Group, co-founders and Braemar.

Solazyme Prices IPO Up at $18, Raising $198M

Algae oil and fuel maker Solazyme priced shares for its IPO late last night at $18 per share — above its previously estimated price range — enabling the company to raise around $198 million when it debuts on the Nasdaq on Friday.

Algae IPO: Solazyme Files for IPO, Up to $100M

Algae could land on the Nasdaq some time this year. Late Friday algae company Solazyme filed for an IPO of up to $100 million. The move follows the company’s announcement that it had struck a deal with Dow Chemical to make a algae-based fluid for transformers.

Dow Partners With Solazyme on Algae Chemical

There’s a whole lotta stuff to make out of algae beyond the oft-discussed algae fuel. The latest is an algae-based insulation fluid to bathe transformers, courtesy of a partnership between Dow Chemical and algae startup Solazyme.

Biofuels, Bioplastics Startups Getting Sparse, Lux Says

Grab your biofuel startups fast, Lux Research says — the field of contenders with game-changing technologies for turning non-food feedstocks into useful hydrocarbons is getting sparser by the minute. The report sees Big Oil and consumer products conglomerates quickly winnowing the field of the best technologies.

Algae Fuel’s Long Road to the Pumps: 61M Gallons by 2020

It’ll be a long road for algae biofuel producers to make any significant dent in the world’s overall fuel supply. How long? Consider this: By 2020, the algae biofuel industry is likely to produce only 61 million gallons per year globally, Pike Research said Wednesday.

15 Algae Fuel Startups, 2010 Edition

Two and a half years ago we put together this cheat sheet on 15 algae fuel startups you need to know. But boy have things changed since then. Here’s our updated 2010 version of our original 15 algae fuel startups bringing pond scum to fuel tanks.

Solazyme Draws Richard Branson, Unilever To Algae

Algae fuel startup Solazyme already had a long list of backers — from Chevron’s VC arm to Morgan Stanley — but this week, the company says it’s added two more high profile names: investor Richard Branson and food and personal product giant Unilever.

Corporate Investors Open Wallets for Greentech

Greentech has become a big subject in corporate conference rooms over the past year. Large companies have been among the top investors so far this year, and the latest example came from Samsung Electronics.

Investors Fuel Solazyme With $52M for Algae

Investors are still pumping money into algae fuel, despite the lack of commercial availability of the green gas. This morning seven-year-old Solazyme announced that it has raised $52 million in a Series D financing from investors including Chevron Technology Ventures.

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