Massachusetts repeals software-and-services tax As expected, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed a repeal of a controversial tax on software and services sales in the state.…

Got QA? It’s the new tech apprenticeship

Quality assurance is not one of the more glamourous positions in the tech world but it may be just the stepping stone necessary to bring in a new generation of programmers. That’s the thinking behind a new White House initiative called SummerQAmp.

Why monitoring sucks — for now

It’s become almost cliche to bemoan the state of infrastructure monitoring and management tools. Cliff Moon, the CTO of Boundary, cuts through the litany of complaints and explains why it’s time for us to think of monitoring in a new way.

How the Smartest Android Keyboard Got Even Smarter

I’ve long recommended SwiftKey as a third-party keyboard for Android smartphones. The keyboard shows intelligence by predicting the next word before tapping a single letter. But the new SwiftKey X, a private beta version now open to the public, is even smarter, thanks to the cloud.

Rypple Raises $7M to Disrupt the HR Business

Rypple, which wants to free the enterprise world from “HR software that sucks,” has closed a $7-million funding round from Bridgescale Partners that the two-year-old startup says it plans to use to expand its new San Francisco office and ramp up its word-of-mouth marketing.

DataSphere Raises $10M For Hyper-Local News Platform

DataSphere Technologies, which has developed a hyper-local news and advertising software platform for content publishers, today announced that it has closed a $10-million Series C financing round led by OVP Venture Partners and will be using the funds to expand its operations into more local communities.

Mint Is Now Banking on Android

Mint for Android officially lands today and I’ve been using it for a few days on my Google Nexus One. It was worth the wait, because it’s not a watered-down, first effort on a new platform. It’s just as functional and effective as its iPhone counterpart.

DoubleTwist for Mac Integrates With Android Market — Sweet!

DoubleTwist continues to challenge iTunes as a media sync platform. The lastest version for Mac adds fantastic features like a revamped media player, podcast searching and a killer function — seamless integration with the Android Market that’s better than using the market on my Nexus One.

Cubed For Android: A Mesmerizing Music Player

Tired of looking at the bland, stock Music application on Android? Cubed can jazz up the experience with a 3D interface that easy to use and nice to look admire. It’s a beta app, but offers solid base features plus a few advanced ones too.

Lost Your Android Phone? iTag Can Find It

Losing your phone is never fun. iTag debuts a new service to locate and secure a lost Android handset — you can ring the phone, lock it or even shoot your location to anyone else. Testing shows it’s not quite perfect, but it’s a solid start.

Verizon BlackBerry, Android Phones Ring Up Skype This Week

Verizon and Skype shared details of their partnership: an exclusive Skype mobile client for BlackBerry and Android handsets arrives this week. Skype-to-Skype calls won’t count against data or voice limits although all Skype calls will be routed over Verizon’s traditional voice circuits.

MobileNoter: OneNote for the iPhone?

MobileNoter for the iPhone is a simple note-taking app for the iPhone that syncs with OneNote on the desktop. It’s possible to take notes on the iPhone and have them appear in OneNote. OneNote notebooks can be synced to the iPhone for reference on the go.

Amazon Kindle for Mac Client Finally Arrives

Just before the first iPads with an e-book store arrive, Amazon delivers its Kindle for Mac client. After all this time, is it a full-featured client or is it watered down as much as — if not more than — the Kindle for PC software?

ZumoDrive Arrives on Android, WebOS Devices

Previously only on the iPhone, ZumoDrive today introduced a mobile client for Android and webOS devices. It’s a top-notch solution for remote access to files, music or photos and works great for streaming tunes if you don’t want to carry all of your digital media.

You Draw, Google Finds — Gesture Search for Android

Even if you have sloppy handwriting, Google can search your smartphone with its newest Google Labs product. Android 2.x devices support Gesture Search, and aside from one data type, it’s pretty good at finding my contacts, shortcuts and bookmarks after I write a letter or two.

Tweak That Netbook With Vispa

Netbooks and UMPCs often have less power hardware to keep things cheap. Windows doesn’t always like such hardware, and performance can be improved by tweaking some of the many seetings Windows uses. Vispa is a free utility that is designed to make such tweaking easier.

IP-Relay Brings iPhone Calls to the Deaf

When you see someone with an iPhone, do you automatically assume they can hear? I do — or at least I did until I heard about this free app that brings iPhone calling to the deaf and hard of hearing.

Why Worldwide Smartphone Sales Figures Matter to You

Gartner offers up the worldwide smartphone market share numbers and 2009 shows some continuing trends as the new guard marches forward. But as a consumer, why do you even care about these measures? There’s at least one good reason I can think of.

Nokia N900 Adds Twitter to Conversations

Nokia’s N900 offers one place for all types of communications, aptly named “Conversations.” This catch-all bucket now supports Twitter as a method, but you’ll have to walk on the wild side — the repository for this update holds alpha and beta code.

First Look Video of WebKit on BlackBerry

When Research In Motion bought Torch Mobile last year, we knew that a WebKit browser for BlackBerry had to be coming soon. It’s still “coming soon” — sometime this year — and RIM needs to hurry. Email and a good keyboard alone aren’t enough any longer.

Why Text Editors & FTP Clients?

Anyone who’s been using a Mac for a few months has probably noticed that there is a glut of text editors available…