Software defined networks

Facebook shows the promise of SDN with new networking tech

Facebook detailed on Friday a new networking technology dubbed Data Center Fabric that coordinates all of the information flowing throughout its new data center in Altoona, Iowa. The Altoona facility is the first Facebook data center to showcase the new technology and going forward all new data centers will have it installed, said Alexey Andreyev, a Facebook network engineer.


Networking in the cloud: a look inside and out

Organizations moving to the cloud must understand that the underlying network infrastructure and related network services are prime determinants of success for both themselves and the cloud service provider.


Getting your organization ready for SDN, Part II

In the previous report in this series, “The road to SDN begins now,” we laid out the business case for software-defined networking (SDN). A network actively, reactively, and proactively defined by software is far more ready than one constructed of static devices, connections, and configurations. So how do you prepare your organization for SDN? A good first step is to examine your present networking environment and network support practices. Also, staying ahead of the software management challenge will be critical for success. And the SDN solution immediately will be compared to the pre-SDN environment, so deployment must deliver positive results from day one.

Stealthy SDN security play vArmour gets $6M

Software-defined networking holds a lot of promise for better network security, so it’s no surprise the vArmour Networks, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup, has scored $6 million in Series A funding to make that promise a reality. We’re just not sure how yet.

VMware: ‘The software-defined data center is coming’

VMware CTO Steve Herrod has a message for the IT world: “[S]pecialized software will replace specialized hardware throughout the data center.” Via virtualizations and SDNs, software-defined data centers will bring the dynamic natures of Google, Facebook and Zynga data centers into the mainstream.

Forget startups, IBM may take home the SDN prize

Last week IBM launched the first third party virtual switching platform for VMware environments. This is an important development because as the first tier of network switching moves into the server, the virtual switch becomes extremely strategic real-estate and control point for emerging SDN architectures.

ConteXtream joins the software defined networking rush

Playing off the interest in creating software defined networks for virtualized environments, startup ConteXtream has launched a product that allows a data center operator to separate network services such as firewalls and load balancers from the physical hardware. It joins several startups pushing virtualized networks.