Social TV

Wywy wants to sync social TV, and scores $3m to do it

In social TV’s second-screen dream, timing is everything. And German startup wywy has just burst out of stealth mode with an impressive set of tools for keeping broadcasters, advertisers and viewers in sync — as well as control of long-established media monitoring service Idioma.

Zeebox boss says smart TV is a dumb idea

Is the trend for smart TVs that connect to the Web and run apps a big mistake? Anthony Rose, the co-founder of hot social TV app Zeebox, took to the stage at MIPCube to suggest the future of television lies somewhere very different. buys online programming guide has bought in a deal that’s been described as an acqui-hire. The team will join to strengthen its mobile strategy. One of the first tasks for the new hires: Make’s personalized Watchlist recommendations a centerpiece of its mobile apps.

Spike gets social for 2011 Video Game Awards

When the 2011 Video Game Awards go live this weekend, Spike TV hopes to build buzz by live streaming the show online and with a number of initiatives aimed at harnessing conversation happening on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and GetGlue.

5 apps for finding your favorite TV shows

Consumers are using their mobile devices to figure out what to watch next, and a growing number of apps are being built to provide recommendations and help them learn what’s on TV at any given time. We’ve listed five of our favorites.

ClipSync wants to take videos viral, moment by moment

ClipSync Moments gives viewers the ability to share videos with friends on social networks. But instead of sharing a link to the entire video and having their friends search for the part it refers to, ClipSync attaches comments to a specific moment in time.

MTV exec: Social is a new programming platform

How can TV networks leverage the power of social networks to build their audiences? According to MTV EVP Dermot McCormack, social networks aren’t just for announcing when the next episode of Jersey Shore airs, but a whole new platform for media creation and distribution.

Trendrr launches social media tools for TV networks

This year’s fall TV season is going to bring us a whole lot of hash tags. Trendrr’s new enterprise measurement tools can help TV executives understand whether initiatives like these are actually working, and who their top influencers tweeting about their show are.

How Google plans to change the way you watch TV

Google chairman Eric Schmidt was on a diplomacy mission to UK broadcasters late last week. His pitch? The Internet will make TV more personal, more social and enable better monetization and measurement opportunities. And Google wants to help them take advantage of those changes.

Meet Umami, the newest social TV startup

The latest company to enter the social TV fray isn’t being very vocal about its plans, but that’s hasn’t stopped it from being able to raise funds. Umami announced a $1.65 million funding round it will use to build out its social TV platform.

Tweet the heat: Twitter teams up with The Weather Channel

With temperatures reaching record highs, so do the number of heat-related tweets: Twitter sees up to two million weather tweets each day. The Weather Channel will now feature some of those tweets on air and on its website, thanks to an ambitious Twitter integration plan.

LocalResponse acquires Philo to target TV check-ins

LocalResponse, a targeted marketing company, has bought social TV start-up Philo as it looks to expand its service to TV check-ins. The company will soon be able to deliver targeted tweets to users as they watch a commercial on TV.

Time Warner to lean on Flixster for Ultraviolet rollout

Through the DECE’s UltraViolet format, Warner Bros. and other studios will begin making movies available for sale this year that can be purchased and watched on a number of different devices. Key to Time Warner’s introduction of these services will be its Flixster social discovery app.

Cord Cutters: A first look at the Roku 2

Roku just came out with a new generation of streaming media players, complete with support for Angry Birds and other casual games as well as advanced Netflix streaming. Want to see it in action? Then check out this week’s episode of Cord Cutters.

Best Buy tests the connected TV market

Best Buy is treading carefully into the connected TV space, introducing two new models of TVs that rely on a TiVo-powered user interface and Chumby apps for additional content. But savvy buyers might be disappointed by the lack of streaming services available on the new TVs.

Can news publishers learn anything from Netflix?

Netflix is using price hikes to manage the transition of users away from the physical product and towards digital streaming. While there are some similarities between that and the newspaper business, publishers shouldn’t get their hopes up too much about copying the Netflix model.

Project Runway brings fan voting to Twitter

Project Runway viewers are already big social media users, sharing thoughts about the show while watching it live. So why not use Twitter as a way for fans to vote for their favorite contestant. That was the thinking behind Project Runway‘s Fan Favorite contest. wants to simplify your TV schedule wants to help you to keep on top of your TV schedule by letting you subscribe to your favorite shows. Users can get an iCalendar feed of the shows they’re following, and the site eventually wants to use its data to help TV networks.

How big data could change what you watch on TV

What’s Watched uses data from social media and mobile applications to provide media companies with a view into what shows are being watched and who’s watching them. That data is then used to target specific groups of users to increase ratings and grow TV audiences.

Want to make a show more social? Start with the script

We usually think of social TV when a show hits the air and viewers start tweeting about it and sharing moments on Facebook. But to leverage social media for TV promotion, networks need to think about how the campaign will fit in to the content itself.

Netflix expanding to Spain, UK next year

Netflix has no plans to slow down its international expansion. In addition to its expansion to 43 countries in Latin America later this year, Variety reports the company could also launch services in Spain and the U.K. in early 2012.

It’s official: Criterion buys SeeSaw

Criterion Capital Partners is announcing Wednesday that it has bought, a site that aspired to become U.K.’s Hulu but was close to being shut down just six weeks ago. SeeSaw’s past is troubled, but Criterion is nonetheless willing to make a bet on its future.

Why Verizon should buy Hulu

The search for a Hulu buyer continues, as it’s being pitched to a wide range of media and technology companies. While much of the press has been focused on the possibility of a tech giant buying Hulu, an acquisition by Verizon might be its best bet.

Finding videos on connected TVs is personal

CE manufacturers are creating universal search applications to find content on across platforms. But the Holy Grail for content discovery will be a user interface that lets users find content they’re looking for, while also serve up a stream of videos relevant to their interests.

How social is your favorite TV show? Bluefin Labs knows.

Which TV shows are drawing the most commenters and the largest share of the social media conversation? Bluefin Labs is using social media to not only measure engagement during TV shows, but also to find connections between shows that those viewers enjoy watching.

Could Twitter have saved Arrested Development?

Could Twitter have saved everyone’s favorite canceled show, Arrested Development? That’s one of the questions raised by a report released today that looks at the social engagement on TV viewers online. Turns out, viewers tweet because they want to help keep shows on the air.

Which TV Shows Are People Talking About? SocialGuide Will Tell You

SocialGuide enables users to set up individual accounts, look for their friends and share what they’re watching on Twitter and Facebook. But the more interesting business is in aggregating real-time conversations about shows as they air, and providing a guide to the most talked-about shows.

BeeTV: Social TV Meets Recommendations On the iPad

BeeTV is coming out with a new iPad app designed to create more engaging, interactive experiences around TV. Like other social TV apps, BeeTV mixes a combination of checkins and social conversations online. But what sets it apart is its approach to recommendations.

BuddyTV Wants to Be Your Personalized TV Guide App

BuddyTV has always been about helping viewers to navigate what’s happening on TV. Next month, BuddyTV will launch a series of iOS and Android apps designed to improve content discovery by learning what viewers watch and offering up personalized recommendations.

How Traditional Entertainment Can Use Social Media

Remember when social media was going to reinvent the entertainment business? Though past efforts made little headway in the social-entertainment space, announcements from Warner Home Entertainment and News Corp. suggest the space is far from dead. Here’s what companies looking to capitalize on it can learn.

Why Yahoo Bought IntoNow

Yahoo scooped up social TV startup IntoNow for more than $20 million today. The deal doesn’t just give Yahoo one of the hottest new entrants to the TV check-in game; it also offers access to technology that could help Yahoo with its Connected TV platform.

Who’s Winning in Social TV? Can Tell You

Did AMC’s The Killing make a killing on social networks in its first night? Can any TV program compete with Fox’s Glee for social media interaction week-to-week? Now you can find out by checking out, which highlights TV show mentions on various social networks.

Four Ways Social Media Will Change Television

When people mention social media and TV, often the reaction is that viewers don’t want constant status updates and tweets creating a visual mess on their screens. But yesterday at NewTeeVee Live, Robin Sloan from Twitter talked about how Twitter is changing the TV viewing experience.

Strategies of the Top Contenders in Connected TV

The television business is on the cusp of the biggest technological upheaval since cable TV emerged. With that in mind, we examine the leading contenders’ strategic positioning, relative strengths and weaknesses & provide the early line on their odds of success in the connected TV marketplace. Readies the Launch of Yet Another Social TV App

A new startup called aims to enter the social TV space with a group of mobile apps focused on building conversations around television programs., which raised a funding round in June, is set to release its first app for the iPad later this month.

BBC iPlayer Gets More Social, Embedded on More Devices

The BBC released the latest version of its iPlayer, with more social capabilities and integration with more connected TVs and other devices. The new design is aimed at making the player more personalized and driving engagement by allowing users to more easily interact with friends.

Miso Updates Social TV App, Nabs Bridezillas Partnership

Bazaar Labs, maker of the Miso TV check-in app, has rolled out new features that will allow users to interact with friends and engage more with the programming they watch. The app maker has also announced a partnership with WE TV to drive interest in Bridezillas.


Google TV: Overview and Strategic Analysis

Google unveiled Google TV at its I/O conference on May 20, promising to revolutionize the TV ecosystem by giving people “the power to experience what they love on TV and on the web on a single screen,” while turning the living room “into a new platform for innovation.”

It’s a promise made by others (including no-less formidable innovators such as Microsoft and Apple) but never delivered on. Much has changed since Microsoft failed with Web TV, however, and even since Apple introduced (and has since largely ignored) its Apple TV. The amount of premium video content available on the Internet has grown exponentially, while faster broadband connections have made delivering high-quality video over IP networks feasible. In this research note, we look at why the time is ripe for Google’s offering to succeed, what it si, and its potential impacts on the TV ecosystem, including users, hardware providers, app stores, content providers, distributors, and competitors (including Apple, Microsoft, and independent IP video platforms).

When TV Spots Cause Traffic Spikes, Broadcast Turns to the Cloud

A single, well-placed TV spot can rapidly direct millions of visitors to a site, creating traffic spikes most advertisers and broadcasters would struggle to cope with — and a potential headache for those tasked with keeping those sites online and responsive. But that’s a near-perfect use case for the ‘elastic’ nature of cloud computing.


The State of Social TV

After two and a half years of writing at NewTeeVee, we’re firmly of the belief that video wants to be social. Combining television and interactivity is one of those topics that makes sense. We like to be entertained together — even sitting with strangers in a dark movie theater or next to your significant other in the living room affords some notion of collective entertainment. But what about two people who are watching the same programming from different places?