What is Instagram’s next big thing? Messaging, perhaps

Instagram, a visual communication platform is looking for way to expand its appeal to its 200 million (and growing) community of users. First it was short-form video. Now it has a whole new feature up its sleeve. What is that? Read on to find out.

Snapchat’s video feature comes to Android

Snapchat has rolled out its video product on Android on Thursday, adding a popular feature to a booming app. The company that allows users to send short-lived photos and videos just raised a Series A funding round led by Benchmark.

Realtime & the off switch

The internet is going to get a lot more real-time in 2013, and in years to come. And that means a constant stream of information and updates. Since the genie is out of the bottle, how about an off-switch for better realtime management?

Snapchat and our never-ending quest for impermanence

The growth of apps like Snapchat, which allow users to set a time limit after which photos self-destruct, is seen by many as driven by “sexting.” But some users may simply be attracted by the idea of sharing content in a way that isn’t completely permanent.

Facebook releases Snapchat competitor app called Poke

Facebook has launched Poke, its obvious competitor to the app Snapchat, that lets users send and receive content that disappears after a short period of time. It marks a new foray by Facebook into content-sharing territory that comes with different aspects than its traditional app.

SnapChat’s adding video, so sext me, maybe?

Snapchat, the mobile photo app popular with teens for taking self-pics, is adding video on Friday, expanding the app to a new dimension. Snapchat allows a user to take photo, share with a friend, and have the photo automatically delete only seconds later.