Smule’s AutoRap app turns words into hip hop magic

Smule, the music app maker behind I am T-Pain, Songify, Glee and LaDiDa, is now venturing into rapping with the release of AutoRap. The app, launching on both iOS and Android, takes spoken words and turns into a polished rap with cool hooks and effects.

Ocarina 2 app teaches people to play songs for a price

Smule, whose Ocarina app turned the iPhone into a digital flute, is following up its Hall of Fame app with Ocarina 2, which is designed to teach people to play songs for a price. Users can prompted like Guitar Hero to press buttons that create music.

Music app maker Smule finally gives Android some love

Music app maker Smule has been one of the longest Android hold-outs, often citing the way Android devices handle audio as a reason it hasn’t embraced the mobile platform. But the company is finally showing Android some love with the release of Songify.

Smule builds social music app empire by buying Khush

Smule, the successful iOS music app start-up behind Ocarina, Magic Piano and I am T-Pain, is buying fellow social music start-up Khush, of Songify fame, in a bid to take command of what it believes will be a fast-growing mobile musical expression market.