Sybase 365 teams with Urban Airship to offer push messaging

Sybase 365, one of the largest providers of SMS and MMS messaging, is getting into the push notification business through a partnership with Urban Airship. Sybase 365 will be able to offer enterprise customers app-based push messaging that should help them continue to engage their consumers.

GroupMe face trademark challenge from messaging rival Groupie

Hot group messaging startup GroupMe is dealing with a trademark dispute from a fellow New York startup called Groupie, which is opposing GroupMe’s trademark application on the grounds that the names are too similar. The case highlights the rising competition in the group messaging market.

Graphic: The Osama Bin Laden Effect In Mobile

You’ve seen the stories about how Twitter was used to break the news on Osama bin Laden’s death, and the huge effect the event has had on In…

ChaCha to Drop T-Mobile in Response to “Twitter Tax”

ChaCha said it will stop delivering text messages to T-Mobile USA customers if the carrier moves ahead with a plan to charge businesses for texts. ChaCha probably won’t be the last company to take such a drastic step in response to the proposed toll.

Why We Never Talk Anymore

This morning I was prompted to check my phone bill, and found that I have been using less than 500 minutes a month for past six months. Wow! We really don’t talk anymore! In the last few decades, our daily modes of communication have changed entirely.

Will You Use Your Phone to Donate to Chile?

Mobile giving campaigns are being launched for the relief effort after Chile’s massive earthquake Saturday. Texting campaigns raised more than $41 million following January’s earthquake in Haiti, but is that indicative of how much we’ll use text to donate in the future? Vote in our poll.

iPhone Users To (Finally) Get MMS

iPhone users — despite their inherent “coolness” quotient — have had to make do with sending simple SMS messages, instead of being able to…

2ergo Buys Mobile Ticket And Coupon Company

UK-based 2ergo, a mobile marketing company, has acquired UK-based Activemedia Technologies Group, which is focused on the mobile ticketing a…

The Quest To Make A Better Virtual Keyboard

Every time you hit the “r” instead of the “t,” and accidentally type “thsnks” instead of “thanks,” you probably wonder why someone isn’t wor…

FCC To Scrutinize Exclusive Phone Deals

The FCC had decided to take on the task of evaluating whether exclusive handset deals, like AT&T’s hold on the iPhone, is good for consumers…

Twitter: No Internet Required

A lot of things make Twitter special. The 140-character restriction makes the writing more potent, because people are forced to get to…

My Big iPhone Break-up

Earlier this morning, after enduring days and days of dropped calls and errant network behavior, I quit on my iPhone. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it had to be done. I love my iPhone — but AT&T’s network failed me.

Twitter Kills SMS in Canada

[qi:025] Citing changes to its billing and costs that are doubling every month, Twitter announced that it will no longer support outbound…

Teleflip Has Flipped For Good

Teleflip, a Los Angeles-based start-up that allowed you to send SMS messages to one and all has flipped for the final time,…

Mobile IM vs. SMS: Who Wins?

[qi:006] Yesterday, the guys from eBuddy sent me a press release (pdf link) that made me wonder: With the rise of flat-rate…