Smart TVs

Ikea TV goes on sale in Europe, comes with DVR add-on

Ikea’s Uppleva TV is starting to pop up in some of the furniture chain’s European stores, and there are some additional technical details available as well, including that the device will offer some basic DVR functionality to consumers that buy add-on flash storage.

New video: Ikea TV comes with slide-out remote control

Ikea’s Uppleva TV set will arrive in stores in Europe any day now, and the company just revealed a few more details about the design and functionality of the device. One interesting fact: Uppleva will come with a slide-out remote control to hide less important buttons.

How Connected TV Platforms Can Go Mainstream

TV manufacturers hope that by bundling developer platforms with TV hardware, they can move up the stack and increase margins on TVs. Just as mobile apps were pivotal in accelerating smartphone adoption, apps on the TV will usher in a new age of connected TV usage.

How TV OEMs Got Smart by Watching the Mobile Industry

The consumer electronics industry is always looking for transformative technologies that can drive entirely new product generations. And while smart TV is still in its early stages, the ultimate promise of the transforming the TV to a service platform holds much more promise long-term than 3-D.

Is Smart TV Platform Fragmentation a Good Thing?

Is too much choice a bad thing? LG’s recent entry into the smart TV space means at least 10 platforms are currently vying for consumer, developer and TV OEM attention. Since 10 is officially a crowd, let’s examine the implications of smart tv platform fragmentation.