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Sling gets two new boxes, sticks with an old idea

Sling Media is launching two new devices that iterate on its original proposition of place shifting, streaming your TV signal from your cable box to mobile devices and other screens. But how innovative is this, and how well does it really work?

What we are listening to: Jason Hirschhorn, Media ReDEF

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Slingbox arrives on Google TV

Sling Media’s SlingPlayer app is now available on Google TV, making it possible for Logitech Revue owners to access Slingbox streams on their device. The launch of the Google TV app comes a month after SlingBox debuted a dedicated app for the Boxee Box.

Video: SlingPlayer for iPad Coming Soon

Despite being swallowed up by EchoStar more than three years ago, Sling Media is still chugging along, adding new features and viewing options for loyal SlingBox users. With its latest update, Sling will give users the ability to stream video content straight to the iPad.

SlingPlayer Coming to the iPhone

The SlingPlayer application will come to the iPhone after Sling Media worked with AT&T to adjust the way the application uses bandwidth. The news marks a turning point in the mobile application world, whereby developers and carriers work closely to adapt their apps for mobile.

iPod, Kindle, Facebook — and a Nomad Called Me

These days, we want to carry the contents of our homes with us wherever we go. Books, music, videos…they all represent the proverbial hearth. Of course, thanks to the availability of cheap wireless connections, we are getting rid of another fixture in our homes: the landline phone. Every quarter, there are roughly 3 million fewer landline phones. Now, a few changes of clothes and a computer, and suddenly home is not where the heart is, but where there’s a connection.

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EchoStar Now DISH Network — Spins Off SlingBox, Set-Top Biz

EchoStar is spinning off its set-top box (including Sling Media) and fixed satellite businesses. The move could mean one of two things: DISH is ready to sell itself to Ma Bell, or it wants to compete aggressively in the 700 MHz auctions and build itself into a broadband-enabled satellite TV company.

Sling-DISH: Sling’s History in Links

Sling Media’s history in links, in reverse chronological order: (see the acquisition story)

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Slingbox Debuts To Mixed Reviews

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Sling-ing In The (Money) Rain

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