Slate To Close ‘The Big Money’

Washington Post-owned Slate Group is closing down The Big Money, the business commentary spinoff it launched two years ago, saying the site…

More HP Slate on Video — Looks Good

The iPad is not the only slate that has been capturing attention lately, the HP Slate the company introduced at the CES in January has quite a few getting excited. It looks compelling, but HP has big shoes to fill since the introduction of the iPad.

Listen Up, Tablet Makers: It’s Not Just Form Factor

The mobile tech space is in the firm grip of tablet-mania, fueled no doubt by the emergence of the iPad. My experience gained using many different tablets makes it clear to me that the slate form factor alone is not enough to make a slate successful.

Everything You Need to Know About Touchscreen Tablets

Since the announcement of the iPad companies have been racing to get tablets to the market. A misconception about tablets is that a slate tablet will be good for writing on the screen. The technology used means that just isn’t possible. Read on to see why.

5 Things Slates Must Have to Drive Sales

Consumers are about to be hit with a wide range of slate computers. There are five traits a slate must have to drive sales. These traits combine to deliver a comfortable and fun experience for the consumer. Surfing the web has never been easier.

iiView 2010 Slate Tablet Sports a 2008 CPU

On the surface, the iiView VPad Tablet looks like a great deal at $499. Is it the sub-$500 UMPC we’ve dreamt of for years? Two glaring deficiencies say the answer is “probably not” but it might meet the needs of some.

Memory Lane: Sony U70 — Still Valid Today

The Sony U70 ultra-portable PC was such a ground-breaking mobile device that it set the tone for all such gadgets to come. I have been taking a trip down memory lane, and it hit me that the Sony U70 is still a viable solution for many.

Flash on the iPad With AIR

Apple’s disdain for Adobe Flash is legendary, and it is not surprising that the iPad will not support Flash in the browser. Adobe understands that, and have developed a tool that compiles Flash apps into native iPhone apps. This can get Flash onto the iPad anyway.

Tablet Thoughts: Why iPad Will Succeed

I didn’t take a tablet on my recent business trip, and found myself continually wishing I had one with me. Tablets make it easier (and more fun) to jump online and get things done. I believe the iPad is going to be a big success.

Dell Mini 5 Spotted in the Street

Dell has been giving hints about the upcoming handheld Android tablet, previously called the Streak, for some time. TechCrunch spotted CEO Michael Dell in the street who pulled out what he now calls the Mini 5 and gave a very brief demo on video.

MSI Readies $500 Tegra Tablet for Market

The tablet talk may be all about the new iPad from Apple but they’re not the only game in town. Notebook maker MSI is getting a tablet of its own ready for release this year based on Android and the Nvidia Tegra chipset. For $500.

MobileTechRoundup 195 — The iPad Cometh

One day after Apple introduced the iPad, Kevin, James and Matt got together for a roundtable of thoughts. Who is the device for and what gadgets might it replace? Find out what we think about the iPad in this week’s audio podcast.