Oovoo gives Facebook users their own Google Hangouts

Oovoo, the video conferencing service popular with the young set, is helping Facebook get some Google Hangout-like coolness with a new Facebook app that offers 12-person video chats. The Facebook app is part of an overhaul for Oovoo’s product line-up including a redesigned iPad app.

Now you can turn airline miles into e-books

A new deal between independent e-bookstore Diesel eBooks and rewards points company Koinz Media lets people redeem their bank and hotel rewards points and airline miles for e-books. But Kindle e-reader owners won’t benefit.

Skype buys GroupMe and adds group messaging

Skype announced that it is acquiring GroupMe, just a year after the group-messaging startup officially launched to the public. While Skype has been focused on adding video calling to its mobile applications, the GroupMe buy gives it expertise in the text-based group-messaging field.

Check out Skype’s cool Stockholm offices

Skype’s investors maybe downright stingy when it comes to options for their employees, but at least they didn’t skimp on the office space. Here are some pictures of Skype’s offices in Stockholm, Sweden, courtesy of PS Arkitektur. This office is simply stunning and beautiful.

Skype mess: How far will this go?

Skype is in the process of being sold to Microsoft is fast becoming a poster child of investor greed and corporate mistreatment of it employees. An ex-employee is blaming investor Silver Lake Partners. Our sources say that investors were interfering with the company too much.

More Skype Rumors: Big News Soon, Microsoft In The Mix

People familiar with Skype indicate that some kind of news is forthcoming later this week, perhaps as soon as Monday. It is also rumored that Microsoft is a late entrant and is said to be in talks with Skype, the Internet telephony company.

The Battle for Unified Communications Heats Up

Synchronous communications like mobile group chat are the latest battleground in the war over unified communications, and despite what the startups say, they won’t be contenders in the race to build a single, unified hub.

Skype By the Numbers

Skype is on its way to going public, and may entice more investors with an updated S-1 filing that provides full-year numbers for 2010. Among other things, Skype increased revenues to $860 million and grew its total user base to 663 million users.

Skype Opens Platform to Ads as IPO Looms

As an IPO looms, Skype is looking for new revenue streams that will help continue its growth and improve its financial prospects. And today it unveiled the next big revenue generator: ads on its Skype Windows desktop client, which should lessen its reliance on SkypeOut.

What Was the Biggest Internet Outage of 2010?

If anything, 2010 was the year when our reliance on web technology went through the roof. And as our usage went up, so did our expectations of uptime and reliability — as evidenced by the near-panic that set in as these 10 services went (temporarily) down.

Why Is Skype Moving to the Web? Hiring Binge Explained

Skype is on an engineering hiring binge. From mobile developers to web gurus, the Internet telephony company wants them all, especially in Silicon Valley, as it tries to expand its agenda from being a mere desktop client to the dial tone of the 21st century.

Skype Ramps Up Hiring of iOS, Android Developers

Skype is aggressively adding to its mobile engineering team, hiring 20-30 new iOS and Android developers. The move could mean Skype video chat is coming to mobile devices soon, as the company attempts to catch up to competing services like Tango and Apple’s FaceTime.

How Your Cloud Dream Is Becoming a Security Nightmare

After extracting a deal from Research In Motion that appears to give state authorities the ability to monitor messages sent over the company’s BlackBerry network, India has said it may go after both Google and Skype in an attempt to get similar kinds of security concessions.

Is Skype Up For Sale?

Skype, the Internet telephony company that recently filed for an IPO maybe up for sale. Cisco Systems is said to be sniffing around Skype, according to a report. The deal if it happens would put Cisco in direct conflict with some of its carrier customers.

Verizon Brings Skype to Feature Phones

Verizon has announced an expansion of its alliance putting Skype on its smartphones. The new Skype client will work on Verizon feature phones running the BREW platform, including phones from LG and Samsung. This greatly broadens the audience for Skype on mobile phones.

A Patent Settlement That May Have Paved The Way to Skype's IPO

Skype and Net2Phone have a long history of legal skirmishes. The most recent involved Net2Phone’s parent company IDT filing an antitrust complaint against Skype, which could have easily derailed the latter’s IPO had all the parties not settled their differences — last week.

How Skype Plans to Grow Its Business

Skype told potential investors in its first IPO filing today that it plans to grow its business by adding users, offering premium features like group video chat, increasing the number of business users that log in to its service, and adding new monetization models, such as ads.

How Netflix Shaped Skype’s Platform Strategy

Skype wants to push voice and video chat beyond the PC, and with SkypeKit, its new software development kit, it can. The VoIP leader is looking to mimic Netflix’s success in the connected TV and device space using its SDK. Here’s why it just might succeed.


SkypeKit: Skype’s Platform for CE-Based Communication

Skype recently announced the new SkypeKit software developer’s kit (SDK), a move that could make it possible for the company’s services to be available on a very broad range of devices, from automotive ones to personal electronics. With this announcement, Skype looks to copy Netflix’s successful approach of enabling wide integration of its associated services by providing hardware partners with integration tools. In essence, Skype has created a platform for pushing its dominant voice and video over IP communication suite into a new billion device market. The company already holds a commanding lead for computer-based voice and video communications, and the bottom line is that SkypeKit may strengthen the company’s hold on this market and make it even more difficult for competitors to find a toehold.

Skype Is Now Available on Verizon

Skype is now available to Verizon Wireless (s vz) customers who are owners of BlackBerry (s rimm) and Android-based (s goog) smartphones,…

Skype Over 3G Now Ringing on Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless makes a statement about its network with the announcement of Skype Mobile over 3G. Starting next month, Skype-to-Skype calls over 3G won’t be charged against data plans or voice minute allowances. Nine BlackBerry and Android handsets will initially be supported.

Josh Silverman: How Video Changes Everything

Whether it’s a clip of “Tajik Jimmy” putting Bollywood soundtracks to shame, catching a friend’s wedding eight time zones away or working…

When Google Attacks: Toktumi's Tale

Toktumi CEO Peter Sisson talks about how he’s managed to grow despite launching the wrong product initially and Google’s entry into his market. He also highlights how he plans to take his hosted telephone system to the next level by going mobile.

Skype CEO Lobbies for Skype on 3G

Josh Silverman, chief executive officer of Skype, wants to make sure that his Internet communications service works over the 3G networks of…

Skype Taps ShoreTel for Enterprise Play

Skype has tapped Unified Communications (UC) provider ShoreTel Inc. as the first partner for its enterprise-focused Skype-for-SIP offering. The companies announced a…

Skype shuts down Skypecasts

  [qi:_newteevee] Skype quietly closed its popular Skypecast personal broadcasting service late last month. The decision is setting off howls of protest…

Skype Shutters Personal Broadcasting Service

Unobserved by mainstream journalists, Skype quietly closed its popular Skypecast personal broadcasting service late last month. The decision is setting off howls of protest from loyal users, who are ready to bolt to competitive services.

Skype Calls Up Jaman

Do your Skype calls need a little kung fu? Then you’re in luck, as indie movie site Jaman is entering into a…

Global Telcos Plotting a Skype Rival?

AT&T, in conjunction with some 10-15 incumbent telecom carriers, is plotting to launch a Skype competitor, according to a research report issued this morning by ThinkEquity analyst Anton Wahlman. He argues that big shifts in the telecom landscape are forcing the carriers to think along these lines: Voice has become a losing proposition, and they’re losing fixed-line customers at an alarming rate. Continue Reading

Skype Launches Beta Mobile Client

Skype has launched a beta version of a mobile thin client, available here. The application is available worldwide and includes chat, group c…

Ebbers: Pay My Bills or Else

Tony Soprano, move over. For there is no one who can issue threats like the Broadbandit Bernie Ebbers. According to Associated Press,…