Report: Google gets Drive cloud storage ready to roll

Google is close to announcing its own long-rumored cloud storage service for consumers, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The new Google Drive — which would offer some storage free — would compete head on with existing services like Dropbox.

Microsoft brings SkyDrive to iPhone (or vice versa)

Microsoft’s SkyDrive is coming to an iPhone near you, the company said this week. A new app means that iPhone users can store and access their personal photos, files and documents in SkyDrive as opposed to, say, Apple’s own iCloud.

iPod Death and Rebirth

Earlier this week, after arriving in San Diego for a tradeshow, I was struck with the real horror that my 60 GB…

Go Moto Go

In April, Nokia introduced disappointing numbers but revealed strong industry growth. Specifically, Moto later came out and blew away its numbers. Stock…