Silverlight: Not Dead Yet

The rumors of Silverlight’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Today, Microsoft released the latest version of its rich Internet application development platform, with improved power management and DRM support. While Silverlgiht 5 adds 40 new features, updated features pale in comparison to previous versions.

Vid-Biz: TiVo, AOL, Silverlight

Today on the Net: TiVo continues to lose users and is down to 2.3 million subscribers, AOL has created a new video division led by 5min CEO Ran Harnevo and Microsoft is looking to add Silverlight to the Xbox 360 for app development.

Microsoft Giving Up On Silverlight, Joining HTML5 Party

We have further confirmation that Microsoft is giving up on its Silverlight rich Internet application platform. Bob Muglia, Microsoft’s president in charge of server and tools, told ZDNet the company is “shifting away” from Silverlight as a cross-platform development framework, and pushing HTML5 instead.

In Flash-HTML5 Battle, Silverlight Is the Big Loser

While Apple and Adobe bicker over whether HTML5 or Flash is the best platform for delivery of video, games and other interactive applications, Silverlight gets nary a mention — even from its own team. And Microsoft itself is moving to HTML5 for many of its products.

Sorry, HTML5 Crowd, Flash Ain’t Dead Yet

Microsoft has launched a UK Hulu wannabe called the MSN Video Player. In addition to Microsoft’s Silverlight, it uses Adobe’s Flash. Others are switching from Move Networks’ technology to Flash. Seems like Apple’s Jihad against Adobe’s Flash may not be enough to kill it.

YouTube Goes Live, Thanks to Microsoft

[qi:_newteevee] Somebody somewhere in the Adobe offices must be getting pretty nervous. Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, an also-ran competitor to Flash, suddenly got…