Silicon Valley

Former Google lawyer to lead Silicon Valley patent office

The United States Patent Office will open a branch in San Jose this year as part of its effort to provide better quality patents for regional economies. The office’s first leader will be from a company that has been a prominent critic of the patent system.

Pay-to-pitch startup auction nears $2,000 — and rising

Right now, some of the most reputable names in Silicon Valley, including Y Combinator and Wired magazine are offering up their attention to a startup pitch from the highest monetary bidder. It’s not as shady as it sounds, though: It’s all in the name of charity.

NVCA survey: VC industry still very white, mostly male

There’s been a lot of media buzz in recent months about the lack of racial and gender diversity in the tech startup landscape. Now new data from the National Venture Capital Association indicates that the VC field is similarly homogenous: It’s very white and mostly male.

Zuckerberg says Jobs advised him on building Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg saw Steve Jobs as a crucial advisor for building Facebook and its management team, according to an interview with Charlie Rose that will air later on Monday. Jobs is also quoted in his recent biography as saying that he “admire[d]” the Facebook founder.

Silicon Valley mourns Steve

The technology world lost one of its most influential members ever on Wednesday with the passing of Steve Jobs. His fans, customers, competitors and friends alike have been expressing their grief over his death. Here are the thoughts and remembrances from peers in Silicon Valley.

At HP, the broad Board problems

Over the past year, HP’s board has led the company through more than a few stumbles. The company’s next CEO will not only have to bring back the innovation of “the HP way” but will also have to wrangle the board back in shape.

New OpSource data center should boost cloud performance

OpSource Inc.’s brand spanking new Silicon Valley data center should cut latency times and boost network performance for the cloud provider’s enterprise and service provider customers on the West Coast and provide co-location options for enterprises wanting redundancy.

10 Stories to read this weekend

This is a moving weekend for me so I am going to keep the list of recommendations to read this weekend very short. So without much ado, here are some posts that are worth reading this weekend.

The app dilemma: Is it a feature, or a business?

Every developer who makes a popular web or mobile app is eventually faced with a decision: They can either stick with the status quo or swing for the fences. These days, many people are taking VC and going big — but is that the right choice?

GigaOM Euro 20: The European startups to watch

For years, Europe’s startup community has been painted as the undernourished younger cousin of Silicon Valley. In reality, Europe’s web scene is now thriving. and we’ve compiled a list featuring some of the best and brightest European web startups — what we’re dubbing the GigaOM Euro 20.

Is Silicon Valley Focusing Too Much On Consumer Tech?

The overriding contemporary image of Silicon Valley is it is focused on “light” innovation. It has gone Hollywood — focused on the glitz and the superficial. More complex innovation has been moving elsewhere, to former customers of the Valley like GE and overseas companies.

Is the Startup Boom Masking Tech's Bigger Problems?

Growth in tech areas like mobile and cloud computing has been a start contrast from other areas of the U.S. economy, but IT spending, Cisco’s stock, PC buying habits and other indicators show that tech is not immune from the larger bear market.

What's wrong with Austin?

iTaggit founder, David Altounian wrote on his blog recently of a question that many startup entrepreneurs have to address. It’s on the…