Why are Android users less engaged than iOS users?

Android shopping traffic over the holiday lagged iOS even though there are more Android smartphones. We look at why Android still produces far less engagement than iOS and what might be contributing to the gap.

Shopping app Checkpoints drives product discovery

Shopping apps are like InMarket’s Checkpoints apps are becoming powerful discovery tools for brands looking to get the word out on their products. InMarket said 50 percent of its users discovered new products using the Checkpoints app in the fourth quarter last year.

ShopSavvy lets users scan products to sell

ShopSavvy, a mobile app known for arming shoppers with the ability to scan products to find the best prices, is now giving consumers the ability to scan products they own so they can quickly put them up for sale.

7 apps for conquering Black Friday

With Black Friday just around the corner, your iPhone might be your greatest weapon for getting the best deals around. Just be sure you download these apps, and remember not to literally crash through doors, regardless of what retailer marketing says they’d like you to do.

The future of check-ins? It’s complicated

Geo-location check-in services such as Foursquare are super trendy in tech and new media circles. But will they catch on with mainstream audiences enough to make big retailers pay attention? A new market research study indicates that the answer may be no.

Google’s Daily Deals Service Emerges to Take on Groupon

Four months after Groupon turned down Google’s $6 billion buyout offer, the search giant appears to have built what it couldn’t buy. The company has begun rolling out Google Offers, a new discount offer service that seems to be created in the mold of Groupon.

Hot or Not? A Credit Card That Rewards Green Spending

Consumers love credit cards, so why not start a program to reward them for spending money on eco-friendly goods and services? That’s the idea behind a proposed government program in South Korea in which users can earn points, and cash, for buying greener products.

Never Get Burned by Best Buy Price Drops Again

If one thing really makes me mad, it’s buying something at Best Buy only to find out later that a friend got it there on sale the weekend after I did. Gazaro Protect, a new — and free — iPhone app, ensures that won’t happen ever again.

New Apple Store Section Allows Mac Comparisons

It can be difficult to decide which model is for you when it comes to purchasing a new Mac. Apple (s aapl) has tried to make the process a little less painful by adding a Mac comparison feature to the online Apple store.

Back to School 2010 Buyer’s Guide for iPad Lovers

The iPad itself should be number one on every college student’s wish list. It’s pretty light weight and easy to carry, and with the diverse selection of apps available, you can really get more out of it than carrying your laptop to class.

Back to School 2010 Buyer’s Guide for Mac Lovers

For the next part of our Back to School 2010 Buyer’s Guide, we’re going to take a look at ten more great Mac-specific items for the college student. This is a great list for those who still may be trying to find that perfect graduation gift.

Back to School 2010 Buyer’s Guide for Apple Lovers

With the next school year just around the corner, we’ve put together a list of some products that are must haves for students headed off to college. If you own any Apple products, there’s something for you in our Back to School 2010 Buyer’s Guide

Apple’s Black Friday Tease

Good golly gosh but aren’t Macs expensive? Apple (s aapl) unashamedly caters to the sub-$1,000 computer market and doesn’t compromise on price.…

Honeyshed Shuts Down

Hate to say we told you so (two times), but Honeyshed, the QVC-meets-MTV online video shopping channel, is shutting down, reports AdWeek.…