Shazam for birds? Shazam for birds

A new app called Warblr is able to identify a bird’s species by comparing sounds that users record in the field to a data set of previously recorded birdsong.

Shazam exec: The second screen is where it’s at

Shazam’s mobile app is now able to recognize almost any TV show on more than 160 U.S. TV channels – but it isn’t looking to take those smarts into the set-top box space any time soon. One reason: Interactive TV just doesn’t have the same scale.

Shazam launches new app to replace iOS music player

Shazam, best known for its music tagging app, is now rolling out its first new app, called Shazam Player, a free app that replaces the iOS music player and provides a deep set of features including lyrics, social sharing, smart playlists, bios and more.’s iPad app gets more personal, more social’s social TV app has been updated with more personalization and social features. Version 3.0 of the app provides users with even more personalized channel lineups, while providing a more social experience for chatting and interacting with their friends and followers on social networks.

Shazam raises $32M to tackle TV ads

Shazam has become one of the more popular mobile apps for figuring out what song it is you’re listening to, but it sees a huge opportunity to be part of the broader TV advertising ecosystem. And it’s raised $32 million in venture capital to do so.

Shazam Buys Tunezee to (almost) put karaoke in your pocket

Mobile discovery service Shazam has made its first acquisition, buying up music search engine Tunezee, whose technology will drive a new feature called Shazam LyricPlay that will allow users to view lyrics synced in real-time with the music they are listening to.

Shazam Is Now Friends With Facebook

One more step for Shazam to make itself a more useful service — and another step in Facebook’s ambition to become your central hub for medi…

Shazam: What Song is Playing?

I once spent almost 3 months trying to track down a song that I had heard a few times on the car…

Melodis Raises $7M for Midomi iPhone App

San Jose, Calif.-based Melodis, parent company of startup Midomi, says it has raised $7 million in Series B funding. The funds were provided by TransLink Capital, JAIC America and Global Catalyst Partners, and will be used to distribute and monetize the company’s music search products.