CouchSurfing raises $15M to build a human travel network

CouchSurfing, a former non-profit that helps travelers find a place to stay, has raised a $15 million Series B round, led by General Catalyst Partners. The money comes a year after it raised $7.6 million and incorporated with a B Corp certification.

Why Facebook is (mostly) right about sharing

As is usually the case when Facebook adds new features, the rollout of its “frictionless sharing” has caused controversy because of privacy and oversharing issues. But more than anything, what Facebook’s changes illustrate is that we still need better filters for our growing signal-to-noise problem.

Our relationship with e-books: It’s too complicated

The fact that books are digital now means it should be easy to share our favorite books or passages, but competing rights, standards and platforms mean these features are available on a tiny fraction of books, and that keeps most readers inside proprietary corporate silos.

Why Facebook’s frictionless sharing is the future

Facebook’s recent launch of what CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls “frictionless sharing” has caused a lot of controversy over whether the feature is an invasion of privacy. But the reality is that Facebook is simply adapting to the increasingly social way we are living our lives online.

Facebook & its double standard on sharing

Facebook’s approach to data is that of a one way street. Use any of its products — Connect, Comments, Likes — and you keep sending data into the giant Facebook brain. When you want to take something out of the Facebook borg — well, tough luck!

Apple Passes RIM in Global Smartphone Share

Despite Steve Job’s obvious distaste for the company, RIM has long remained ahead of Apple in the global smartphone market. Not any longer, according to research firm Strategy Analytics, which yesterday reported the iPhone shipped more units than did BlackBerry during 2010’s third quarter.

Apple Stock Climbs Above $300

Apple’s stock price reached a lofty milestone in pre-market trading early this morning, crossing the $300 mark for the first time in company history. It reached as high as $301.50, and remains above $300 after opening bell today. Analysts predict it will go higher still.

Spotify: Life Without iTunes

This week’s arrival of Spotify in the App Store (right now limited to UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Norway and Finland stores) could be…