Set-top boxes

Flingo’s SyncApps let you tweet directly from your TV

Flingo is making an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, and it will be showing off a little bit of technology that will let viewers share what they’re watching on social networks directly from their TVs, without ever having to pick up another device.

Could Google TV get its Kindle Fire moment?

Google TV is taking a big step with its update to version 2.0 — but what’s in the card for the platform’s future? Could one day a vendor fork the code to establish a separate Android-powered TV platform, much like Amazon did with the Kindle Fire?

Exclusive: Simulmedia Raises $9M for TV Ad Platform

Simulmedia, the media marketing firm founded by ad veteran Dave Morgan, just raised a $9.25 million round of financing, according to an SEC filing. The company, which uses set-top box data to target TV ads to users, has now raised more than $20 million.

Roku Goes Retail, But Will Mom and Pop Buy It?

In the three years since launch, Roku has sold more than a million units, relying on online sales and word-of-mouth to drive interest in its products. But now it has a big retail partner in Best Buy, which will sell its Roku XD product.


Cisco Acquires Pure Digital

In March 2009, Cisco announced its intention to acquire Pure Digital, a manufacturer of low-cost digital video cameras. This note examines why Cisco would choose to acquire Pure Digital, a large departure from its past consumer-focused acquisitions.

2Wire Releases Set-Top Box

2Wire has launched MediaPoint, another box to deliver video over broadband directly to your TV. But unlike other set-top manufacturers, 2Wire isn’t trying to sell this box directly to consumers.

Vatata: Chinese P2P TV Coming to Set-Top Boxes

[qi:_newteevee] Chinese P2P solutions provider Vatata, whose similarly named P2P streaming platform Vakaka we wrote about last year, has developed a set-top…

Sezmi Seeking $50 Million

TV set-top box startup Sezmi (formerly Building B) is looking to raise $50 million in new venture capital, and has retained Advanced…

NTV Demos the Zv

The ZvBox is one of the many contenders looking to bring Internet content to your TV set. It basically turns your oldteevee…