When can we stop talking about the cloud?

When will we stop talking about the cloud? If history is any guide, eventually the idea of the cloud as something that is separate from the web will disappear as more people get used to it — although when that will happen is anyone’s guess.

Key exec Ojanperä leaves Nokia, starts VC fund

Tero Ojanperä, who has been with Nokia for 21 years, is leaving the company and is going to be working for a new investment fund, Vision+, that will fund apps and services. In Ojanperä, Nokia has lost a big champion of mapping-based services.

Get to the Point: OS X’s Summarize Service

There are a few really handy features in OS X that get very little attention – perhaps because they don’t have a snazzy GUI, or maybe it’s because they only appeal to certain users. Whatever the case, Summarize (found in the menubar under the Application menu) is one of those handy features that gets little attention, but delivers big by helping you get to the point.

The iPhone: A Marketer’s Fantasy

There’s a trusted maxim in the marketing game: cheap razor, expensive blades. It comes from the practice of selling razors like the…

Media Temple Caters to iPhone

Joining the ranks of iPhone-specific web applications, is the web hosting company, Media Temple (mt). Their angle is to offer iPhone-toting customers,…